Marlowe guys service does and very necessary Gabi that was a slow ever today we're going to do another American food product ravine no it's an American for the taste test review product yeah i'm reviewing it okay let's get it i had watches so the best we're gonna try gabino these are sour patch i love no jelly beans i love jelly bean I hate anything everybody does jasmine Oh justice paper break the book bag baby everyone wow I like shove up yeah so bright this smell gross oh my god they always went everywhere hmm is lying my sony com be happy so John's Jasmine's lime jelly bean was apparently really bad the shirts as piss out at work yeah theme for my struggles really nice i think is a treasure of them I didn't need any sourness about them no neither I hear the dusting on them is supposed to be sour it's not really power so in the middle you know like a jelly bean yeah they should a circular beam I'm gonna read it probably one out of ten unlike anything about it I'm not sure why I gave it a 1 i'm going to write it and 9 out of 10 because it was really good but i don't think it's the same as the jobim I'd rather just leaving home like Jelly Belly bean try playing Lord and sometimes I tell you what anybody's ever been oh you mean Jabbar next we have generated this is gary cool blue so excited it's not like a bluefish smells like a blue flash pot what's wrong in it it's really salty it just takes like an energy drink if you have after you've had a workout or something else a really good thing to join hello a lot of a lot of us all the more I don't think you've ever heard of one culture I've never had an energy drink ever it smells but it's got so much flavor and you drink it and it's got like no flavor so it's an energy drink it's supposed to rehydrate you after your workout it's supposed to pull the stuff that you've lost when you sweat it out back into your body it tastes like water with a hint of smell with a hint of blue ball and caffeine has got low the cabin in imagine if your yorkie came out blue did your peacock blue no because of the name air raid and it's it smells nice i'm gonna give up four out of ten so I'm going to rate this product um a 6 out of 10 because it's not the best energy group that I've tried but because it's called gatorade since Justin gave me we go together the sick Gatorade it's good for your body I'll sing it together any day hmm cuz now so next year her shoes these are white chocolate I knock with William number is white chocolate with and the black bit arc with a coating chocolate nothing that they're going melting I like this chakra install good looking at is really nice it has a lot like a decent cream you get cousin kind of really creamy chocolate and then the community moderator tonight fun because it's really good like me for me I wouldn't I I wanna say I 10 right that's what I thought took at the watch with them so a top ten the dark chocolate I didn't either got my below if you in the white house red sugar or if you agree with jasmine tea dr. Petrini meaning or if you think that we're both wrong right so I next what is walk out it's not me than America but it's got American brownie and me and Abby syrup we've never had American brownies we were like we have to do this we don't have a bone meal we don't have them proudly much here okay anyway I don't know a brownie chocolate we have can I open it like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ready go back as well looks like it's llama ya really long she doesn't know my brownies i'm not lumpy lumpy no you sure this isn't cooking chocolate I think cooking chocolate and that's it and crunchy bits which freaked me out test arrested Martin nope yeah well it doesn't taste like brownie just tastes like cooking chocolate here's a bit of brownie but i narrate that 1210 because all i can use this cooking chocolate oh my computer why are you gonna rain again Abby I know that a 7 out of 10 because it just turns out chocolate and I love chocolate right guys who really have liked our American food taste test with you going on weaving and remember to leave us a comment below let us know any other countries you'd like us to try yeah if you like this video remember to give us a big you can always subscribe leave a comment below and we love doing these videos for you guys thank you guys so much for becoming solace we absolutely love hey guys will be seeing you maybe I'm beating

37 thoughts on “AMERICAN FOOD TASTE TEST w/Gaby 8

  1. Dubsmash and Lip Sync Battles are popular in America, ever think about doing those? Jasmine Starler and Gaby Starler are the coolest girl names on the planet. Wait, I guess Lady Gaga is pretty cool too huh ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I have to agree with Jasmine on the white chocolate vs dark chocolate issue. Have you ever had dark chocolate M&M's, Jasmine? They are very good, indeed.

    So, if you like dark chocolate but don't like jelly beans, how would you feel about jelly beans covered in dark chocolate? And by the way, I think your hair looks especially great in this video.

  3. I like the Orange Gatorade flavor the best, it is not too strong or sweet, and it is not fizzy. Gatorade and Powerade are similar, best to drink an hour or so BEFORE working out for maximum health benefit.
    Hershey;s Cookies'N'Creme is a favorite too. I agreed with Jasmine a tiny bit more and she silly smiles more, so she wins. Who wins in wrestling?

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