American enjoying CLASSIC Filipino Foods | Sinigang and Bicol Express

American enjoying CLASSIC Filipino Foods | Sinigang and Bicol Express

what's up guys I you know never seen me do one of these again little did you know we're here in Kazon city k zone the city at a place called big uns they started Filipino food here so I ordered sinigang and Cindy got in the heat bomb so Sherpa sinigang and some Bicol Express because you know it's my favorite I wanted to show everybody here a little bit about like the sinigang when it comes out just so you know foreigners when you come in out here I've noticed that there's been a lot of articles that come out lately about like foreigners trying to look in a food not liking it very much or like it's their least favorite and whatever like Southeast Asia and I think a big part of that it's just because there's a lack of knowledge on a lot of our part as foreigners regarding what foods to try so like a lot of times Filipinos will have you know the palette that they've grown up with and that's what they enjoy that's like what they like to eat but as foreigners we need to find foods when we're just adjusting our taste buds we need to find foods that are a little easier for us to adjust to before we start going into some other more traditional or even exotic foods right so I think sinigang like everybody says adobo which I agree with but I think sinigang is a great starter because it since our suit so it gives you a totally different flavor profile than what you it's have in America and it teaches you how to eat soup differently than you would necessarily back home right because there's gonna be a lot of things in the soup we're gonna eat it with rice it's gonna be delicious so everybody stay tuned for that I'm really excited to see the sinigang as it comes out we also have some appetizers coming out and I'll show you the vehicle Express as well we all know that I love that so just cut when it comes over all right so appetizer course she digs how they're pretty normal but in America I noticed like cheese sticks art maybe like cheese and then it's a little more deep-fried it's not like lumia style like the Chinese side and then the sauce is different so we like to have that's got like jalapeno in there so it's quite tasty so that's a that's our appetizer nosh on that for a while I can't wait to see what else comes out it's like we got ourselves some abs-cbn television so I bet you guys are wondering what exactly this is now this is manga with bug alone paste so it's like a shrimp paste very savory taste and the manga or the mango it's green mangoes it's not like a yellow mango which is really really sweet a green mango is kind of sour and the way you want to eat this is you kind of have your mango and then you take some of the paste like that and you eat it what happens is the savory interplays with the sourness tastes very good [Applause] and we've also got some barbecue for some Nexon Cavalli it's just looking pretty good this is a classic classic Dylan is right now do the election Cavalli is actually really putting in a little bit of this it's very soft and flavorful so the fat they keep the fat on and it makes the the flavor of the actual meat so much more succulent and then the fat is also very soft this is really good transition food has had to a barbecue as well it's very easy to eat a lot of familiar taste so very you authentically like uniquely Filipino and but it's very approachable that's what I love about these sorts of dishes this manga is a little more for the adventurous side so if you get bored with some of the more staple foods this stuff the pork BBQ as well is known as the street food so give it all a shot and see what you think but is pretty good foods to introduce yourself there's gonna be perfect so here's our people express my beagle Express has like shrimp paste and coconut sauce it's pork so I'll show you how to eat this really quick it's really good so what you do is you have your eyes you place that down just like that now you have your cool um this is the cold ulla and now you have your rice all right and Filipino food is very much like this you have your rice and the food that goes on top of your rice so in your taste you should take your your rice you take your people express them down it's my favorite dish this one isn't super spicy but it is flavorful so I like that you can even get these things in like 7-eleven and mini stop but this isn't even the main course we ordered some sinigang I'm gonna bring you that synagogue so stay tuned alright so we've been waiting here for our sinigang for like 10 minutes not 20 minutes 30 minutes and then we just found out that they never put our order in for the synagogue even though that was the first thing we ordered and even though they read the order back to us with the synagogue so I don't know I don't know what to say but we'll hit you guys back up at the end so we finally made it to a different restaurant we made it to a different restaurant where we can have our synagogue and a salmon it's gonna be great they brought it out and it looks wonderful guys I'll try some let you see how it looks just give me a second here okay so this is what you see not miss salmon looks like as you can see there's lots of vegetables and herbs there's a huge salmon head just chilling there and that is delicious delightful see done the salmon now of course we're having it with our rice let's dig in yeah okay so we've transferred the salmon from the big bowl to the little bowl and this is what it looks like here we've got some vegetables we have our soup here so the first thing we want to do is try our suit see how good it tastes should be nice and salad not quite so salad but very mellow a good taste now what we want to do is to eat this with the rice we'll take some of our salmon here you can put the broth on there too and then you take like some of this you know some vegetables and then you're just gonna eat all that at once with the rice and everything quite delicious and if you're interested in suits or like hearty foods swimming gong is a good choice let's have another bite my son

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  1. Greg" gusto ko ng bicol express pero wala nmn sa Sm"
    Vice (sounded like Greg) gusto mo bicol express eh bat ka kasi naghanap sa mall πŸ˜‚…

    Nakakainis… Yung accent mo idol magtagalog ka pa ng marami

  2. Ayun πŸ˜‡/.. Sana tuloy tuloy na ang pagvlog mo idol πŸ’•πŸ’ͺ… Hahahaha….

    Thank for making video about Filipino foods… Proud of it, proud of its uniqueness and taste πŸ’•πŸ’ͺ

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