amberlynn reid | the optavia saga *nutrition discussion*

amberlynn reid | the optavia saga *nutrition discussion*

so many different diets on this channel
I have done Weight Watchers countless times I have counted calories I have
tried to be vegan I try to be vegetarian I have used apps like My Fitness Pal
Fooducate lose it I’ve tried fasting I have tried
everything even simply just drinking a gallon of water a day hoping that’ll you
know flush out the weight I have failed and I have failed and I have failed
countless times and people always ask me why don’t you try something different
why don’t you do something different that you’ve never done before because
clearly everything you’re doing isn’t working I don’t want to sit here and say
calorie counting doesn’t work I don’t want to say that Weight Watchers doesn’t
work because those things do work struggle for me is when I do Weight
Watchers when I calorie count I am allowed to eat junk technically really I
am for me to lose weight at the weight that I am now I could eat nothing but
junk all day long as long as I am within my weight watcher points or as long as
I’m with in a certain calorie limit I will lose weight it’s that simple it
doesn’t matter what I eat its how much I eat and of course we can do the whole
health route I have tried intuitive eating where I literally just ate
healthy all day long I’ve also just counted calories while just eating
healthy all day long and still there has always been some type of bump in the
road to where I validate my delusion of oh it’s totally fine you know have a
candy bar you did great for a day you have a
candy bar but I got a message from a health coach I know people especially
haters out there gonna be like hey but like what are you saying I know I get it
like so we were exchanging emails back and forth and she has this program that
she brought up to me where she wants to be my coach for there is a program
called Octavia that thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands
and thousands and thousands of people do so I’m not gonna say the name of my
health coach but she has lost over 200 pounds by doing this program up tevia is
a program where they send you few liens as what they call gonna be eating six
times a day it’s gonna be all very very very small portions five and one means
I’m gonna eat five of their fields a day and the other meal is called Valene and
green which means I eat seven ounces of a lean meat because I can’t think of a
single reason why I would fail on this so I actually asked my health coach who
is so freakin sweet I am very grateful for this I asked her how much weight do
you think I could lose in the year doing this program
she said 200 pounds she said it’s very possible for me to lose 200 pounds obviously I don’t have all the knowledge
yet I don’t have any of the tools yet but these are just things that I have
learned from hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of research but they
said that they don’t think it’s a lifestyle change so in that situation
they were just explaining like this isn’t something you would do for the
rest of your life which I hundred percent agree but I don’t think they
kind of understand the situation because but with this program it teaches you how
to transition off of the program correctly after you’ve reached your goal
and I don’t think this person did that because they should have known you don’t
eat like this for the rest of your life this is my shake cup to put my shakes in
and my stuff like that and then just shake it and bam was the cranberry honey
nut granola so that’s the first thing we got and by the way each box I’m pretty
sure comes with seven servings we have golden chocolate chip pancakes creamy a
chocolate shake whoo roasted garlic creamy smashed potatoes chocolate mint
cookie crisp which I am so excited for I love mint dark chocolate covered cherry
shake now that sounds good rustic tomato herb ten eight which I am excited for I
do have a sweet tooth but I also have a savory one we have creamy double peanut
butter crisp bar another creamy double peanut butter crisp bar so these better
be good except two of them raisin oats cinnamon crisp I feel like not too sure
about this one I’m not really a raisin person and a person or a cinnamon person
but we’ll see drizzled chocolate fudge crisp bar buttermilk cheddar herb
biscuit with Mediterranean rosemary we have a homestyle chicken flavored and
vegetable noodle soup which I am excited to try we have honey mustard and onion
sticks I Pumped for these that sounds so good we
have some red berry crunchy Oh cereal we have a caramel delight crisps bar I
heard that this is a lot of people’s favorite so I’m excited to try it we
have a definite double chocolate brownie which I see a lot of people on this
program like when people on this program do what I ate I ate the day videos on
YouTube they always have this one so it must be good
we have chewy chocolate chip cookie oh I love cookies
silky peanut butter and chocolate chip I love peanut butter with chocolate so I
know that’s gonna be good that was a bar by the way we have a zesty cheddar an
Italian herb cruncher we have a wild strawberry shake last food item we have
or smoothie item is a chia bliss smoothie with coconut sugar from the
Philippines Kiwi pineapple blueberry and Apple okay I got all of my feelings set and
ready to go I’m either because these will not fit in the cabinet so I have
them in these containers by the way three of them I’m thinking about setting
them on the counter but if it’s takes up too much space which hour is pretty big
which I’m grateful for if it takes up too much space we have a
pretty big dining room and I’ll just set it on I don’t know like a table in the
corner so we just got back from hanging out at Becky’s sister’s there was pizza
it looked good but with this program I noticed that I didn’t feel as compelled
to have a piece because I knew I couldn’t in the past everything else has
ever done counting calories or Weight Watchers I was able to have pizza even
if I was eating healthy I would still convince myself that a piece was okay
this time didn’t even happen there on day two February 2nd and I just woke up
so I’m having a dark chocolate cherry shake and I’m gonna do a taste test for
you guys i’ma put more water in it because I
noticed that I have a strawberry one that it says put a cup of water in there
but I think it tastes better with a little bit more actually a lot better that’s better for sure so I wanted to
give just like a little update on how I’m feeling and kind of like where my
thoughts are today like I said it’s day two
I’m currently just in the spot of I had my number two feeling maybe less an hour
ago how I’m feeling is like really good I haven’t had any cravings I’m not
hungry and definitely takes away cravings I know it’s only day two and
this food does make you feel fuller coz it’s healthy and it’s nutritional and
it’s low carb high protein the right amount of fiber you know things like
that hey guys welcome to day three so it is
the end of the night like way way way way at night and I have a little story
time for you guys so let’s get into it I was getting into my head so bad day
one everything that I ate from the program I liked I enjoyed all the tastes
I wasn’t hungry at all day two I wasn’t hungry at all either but the situation
was every single thing I tried as my first three was at 3 yeah my first 3
feelings when I’m supposed to have five a day they all were disgusting and I’m
just being honest and I was just like is this even worth it like
this food sucks so we were having a bonfire and everyone was sitting around
with their hot dogs and their chips and their this and their diet and I’m just
like can’t have any of it like emotionally I was a wreck but like
physically I felt so good in my mind and my brain was like it’s like a fog was
lifted it’s wild it’s a really wild ride and it felt really good but again I was
living in fear and I was trying to find tons of excuses to quit I’m gonna be
honest I was trying to find every excuse to quit and I found one so I got to
thinking I was like how many calories am i eating in a day doing this program so
I logged everything into My Fitness Pal from day one and day two and it was only
about 900 calories so I got a little freaked out I honestly was freaking out
I’m a big girl I know a lot of weight loss patients eat around that amount
it’s like 900 1200 and then eventually they eat 1,500 and that’s how it is with
this program you start off by eating 900 and then once you get closer to goal you
start eating more and they start teaching you how to not eat their
feelings but choose healthier meals throughout the day and eventually your
calories do rise and get higher and I started getting freaked out I also had a
lot of people in my ear telling me yeah 900 calorie seems too little and all
this stuff and I was just like getting scared but the thing was I wasn’t hungry
at all I felt satisfied and every time it was
time to eat again I was like I wasn’t even hungry and I just felt really
really good so I messaged my health coach and I told her I don’t think I can
do this anymore I ended up having brown rice that night which you’re not allowed
to have on program and I had a cup of noodle so I ended the day at about 1600
calories so I was like okay so I’m gonna stop doing up to via and I am just going
to you know eat to eat healthy why am i doing up to be
like this was the worst idea I’ve ever came up with and of course we can do the
whole health route I have tried intuitive eating where I literally just
ate healthy all day long I’ve also just counted calories while just eating
healthy all day long and still there has always been some type of bump in the
road to where I validate my delusion of oh it’s totally fine you know have a
candy bar you did great for a day you have a candy bar she was giving me ideas
and ways to where I could eat around 1,200 to 1,300 calories a day
which is so much better because a person my size you need to lose weight or
you’re gonna die so like even doctor now from my 600 pound life gives his
patients a 1200 calorie diet in the beginning and they eat even less after
surgery so if you’re getting the right nutrients and this and that then you
know eating low calorie is okay especially someone you know my size okay
I’m not doing op – via I’m just gonna do my own thing I ended up making a really
healthy meal and then I just felt binge crazy like I just wanted to binge on
everything so I ended up having pasta like it was a mess and when I was being
super strict on Optive via I didn’t have that urge to binge I didn’t have the
cravings it’s wild it was wild like Octavia
really takes that away from you and I know it was only two days that I was on
it but I feel ashamed that I thought that this program wasn’t gonna work for
me for a minute there because I had so much going on my head and mentally I
know it’s probably confusing why I decided not to do OP to be a it’s just
there it’s a very great program the food is not junk food
has essentials in the food it has vitamins good probiotics it’s all really
good food like good for you food I don’t want to sit here and say calorie
counting doesn’t work I don’t want to say that Weight Watchers doesn’t work
because those things do work struggle for me is when I do Weight Watchers when
I calorie count I am allowed to eat junk technically really I am there has always
been some type of bump in the road to where I validate my delusion of oh it’s
totally fine you know have a candy bar you did great for a day you have a candy
bar and I just know that for me having 800 and 900 calories is scary and bad
for my body and I wish more than anything I would have known that prior
to doing the program and I know that I even said in this video that it’s
totally fine have low calories such low calories but I’m just glad my doctor
kind of was like no it’s not good it’s not good for your metabolism you *Dietitian

100 thoughts on “amberlynn reid | the optavia saga *nutrition discussion*

  1. Amber Lynn’s channel is co-dependents anonymous gone awry! So many people interested in her weight loss , just NOT HER 😊

  2. She should put it down if it comes in a box and eat whole foods. She won't, but she should. Compared, she could legit eat AS MUCH AS SHE WANTED of whole foods and lose tons and get healthier.

  3. Girl you gotta diet for weeks for results to show, that’s her problem is thy she expects to lose weight in a day, but it doesn’t work like that

  4. They aren't meant to be delicious. The point is that she needs to start seeing food as fuel rather than entertainment.

  5. Honestly if she ate 2000 calories like a normal person, she would loose so much weight.
    If she keeps getting fatter, her arms and her face will connect 😂😂

  6. She should be kidnapped and held captive for a year and fed like a normal person. Or hospitalized. This is a disease, she’s delusional and she’s going to die.
    It’s the only thing that would help her at this point.

  7. Alright, so with how much she weighs she can do a water fast(probably didn't spell right). The bullshit about oh I'll only survive a few weeks, that is for people who are already skinny. She has enough fat on her body to stop eating and just drink water.

    My mother did it when she was 560 pounds, and she went down to about 470 pound, this was also with exercising. She then started on a full protein diet and wnto down to 226. And she is comfortable where she is.

    AR just doesn't want to do all the work because she doesn't care.

  8. She should try this

    Her and Becky at home, big gorl not allowed to leave the house ( probably won't anyway ) and neither of them allowed to buy food . . .
    Instead, they are provided with a hellofresh ( cuz they got money to spend anyway ) that they prepare together and split in good portions.
    I'm saying that Becky can leave because she has shown motivation to loose weight ( -30lbs ) and amber would not be able to control herself.

  9. It blows me away that she doesn’t realize it’s killing her. She would rather have a hotdog and a bag of chips than live a life!!

  10. The bump in the road is your belly and your mouth that won't stay closed long enough for any real diet to WORK

  11. If she knew what healthy was she wouldn't have started Optavia to begin with. Also, if she really felt great and not hungry on this plan she wouldn't have felt compelled to eat brown rice and noodles.

  12. When your eating 6000 calories/day then 900 doesn’t seem like enough but freak out over it?? She should be thrilled to eat 1600/day then..almost twice as much…. a lot of people actually aim for 1000 .. not uncommon in diets…these people stick with it and lose the weight … nothing will work til alr really wants it to and sticks with it! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. 900 cals a day would actually do her more good than harm. I fast every other day, and on days that I fast I eat around 500-800 cals. For reference, I'm 5'6" and ~175lbs. So if I can still lose weight by eating only 700 cals every other day, then she can lose weight by doing basically the same thing.

  14. I’m sorry but can you really not spell “herself”. I mean you spelled it like “herlserf”. I mean cmon. I can’t even tell how someone could go wrong spelling that.

  15. The reason why she's not loosing weight is because she's constantly eating processed junk. She's not going to the store and getting fresh produce and cooking fresh homemade meals at home. She decides to go on theses "fad" diets like octavia where they do everything for you and all your food is packaged in a box. I've been vegan for four years now and it changed my life, its not just about the food its a foe style a different way to carry yourself. Also is just exercising an option for her? I've only seen her exercise 2% of the time. EXERCISE IS THE KEY with any diet. She should be walking a mile pretty much every day and even just doing those title sites that he does in her house is great! She just needs to do that everyday for an hour along with eating a full balanced diet with REAL FOOD not bars and shit that works for her. I see people like this all the timing it just disgusted me because they truly have no will power.

  16. Not trying to be mean but at her size why not look into something like Bariatric surgery? I mean she doesn’t stick to a diet but maybe getting sick all the time or something may make her realize she can’t keep doing this. Does someone else know more about her and why this wouldn’t work? I’m new to her videos but it’s become obvious she is not going to eat healthy and lose weigh

  17. Optavia is just nutritionally unsound. All around. Most shit like that is. I don’t know much about weight loss in relation to morbid obesity (obviously the BMI scale is bullshit and not scientific but uh she’s an obvious case) just with those who are between average (think size 16-18) and underweight with restrictive eating disorders. Like that’s my area of expertise. I couldn’t do shit like that because frankly I’m still in a relapse and eventually my kidneys are really gonna fail (they’re already fucky as is my heart and metabolism). But uh amber will be fine.

  18. The bar/shake stuff does not work for me because it's all just SWEET! Sorry but I crave meat, salt, and savory…don't know how chocolate peanut candy brownie surprise is supposed to help…

  19. I'm sorry, but when she started trying to mock people in that sarcastic whisper tone, she had a more slappable face than Cardi B

  20. I went from being chubby and having an eating disorder to being severely underweight with an eating disorder. U can’t just remove a disorder with another ALR, Optavia isn’t gonna work

  21. She is entirely delusional. 1800 calories sustains your weight. Which means keeps the weight constant. Eat less calories and better food.

  22. At 560 pounds, if she literally laid in bed all day and someone force fed her Optavia, she would've lost 251 lbs in a year just from the calorie deficit 😶

  23. Amberlynn hates herself and it shows. I used to try to be supportive of her, but she is just lazy and dumb as hell.

  24. Ok, real question here: she says 700-900 calories per day is too little and, yes, I know she won’t die, she could not eat at all and still won’t die but, it is little if you think she’s someone who struggles with eating normal portions and healthy food…. wouldn’t it be better to give her a 1200-1500 calorie plan so she wouldn’t give up so easily and, given her size, she’d still lose weight?

  25. While she was ranting about how 900 calories was too little(how it would stop her metabolism,etc),i couldnt help but scoff.I tried a 300 calories diet before and after that i was fine.sure my metabolism got ruined but otherwise i had some energy.Before i was around 140 lbs,so i am pretty sure someone of her weight could survive on 900 calories or less.

  26. How the average viewer knows she's an addict.

    Just like a smoker, she cannot break the three day hump. She needs inpatient treatment to detox and reset herself.

  27. I looked into Optavia to drop the 10 to 15 pounds I need to lose (currently 5 ft 2.5 in, 144 pounds). But listening to the content of the "fuelings"…it's a big no. It sounds like they are trying to copy junk food and sweets instead of having you eat in a healthy manner.

  28. get off your ass and move it!!…you have failed because you don't want to…get off your fat ass…you are stupid!! stooooopid!!

  29. In one of her videos she was talking about clothing and that she didn't know what kind of girl she was. Which I think is really sad. She got all : what if I was a girly girl? But she also said that she could only really find out if she were skinnier. Its sad that she's only 30 years old and never really tried to make the best out of her younger years. Why isnt that style part a motivation for her to lose weight???!!??

  30. She doesn’t have to be so drastic. Just stick to a well rounded 2000-2200 calorie diet and walk around. 2,000 calories will keep her satisfied if she is eating the right things. She’s just looking for a quick fix.

  31. She doesn't need one of these popular diet plans, she needs therapy to help her stop binging and a nutritionist to help her find a plan that works for her specifically.

  32. When you're overweight and you love food, it's hard to love yourself more than the food sometimes, and I think that's what's happening with her.

  33. Dr. Now gives a 1200 calorie NO CARB high protein diet. she eats so many carbs and so much fruit and those on top of her binging is the reason for her downfall.

  34. She could literally lose like a pound a day if she ate 1000 calories, and it would last atleast 3 months before her metabolism started adjusts.
    I went from 250 to 170 in about 6 months just by cutting calories to about 500-1500 a day lol.

  35. "i felt so amazing and not hungry… and thats why im not doing it anymore" when ur trying to promote an mlm while also explaining why youre quitting the program…

  36. So come to find out optavia is an MLM. That’s awful. So that “health coach” is just saying whatever she can to make amber buy the stuff because she’s shilling the product. If her health coach lost 200 lbs it probably wasn’t thanks to optavia.

  37. I had a gastric sleeve and eat less then 600 calories a day. I lost 200 lbs in a year. The only way to lose weight is to cut calories. That’s it. Nothing fancy.

  38. her biggest problem is having too much free time on her hands. she obviously has mental and food issues, but because she has nothing substantial to occupy herself with, (realistically, she is living her hobbies every day), she gets in her own head with rubbish/gibberish and then quits. when researching a diet online, no one accounts for all the free time since it's normal/standard that people have jobs, real priorities and obligations in life. Hence, dietitians/doctors should be aware how much free time she actually has each day in order to help her properly.

  39. Her diets don't work because she's a malignant narcissist, and she's surrounded herself with enablers and saboteurs.
    Basically if they don't enable her with food, she'll go into a narcissistic rage, and drive everyone around her crazy until they allow her the food she wants.

    Essentially it's like living with an alcoholic/smoker who is quitting on their own. They become irritable jerks. And they don't generally get back their "nicer, addict" personality afterwards. So a codependent partner/friend will enable/sabotage their recovery to get their "old" partner/friend back.

    It's ALR, but it's also Becky and everyone else she cushions herself with.

    She'd drop the weight in a clinic/live in situation, but would likely go right back once she moved back with her enablers.

  40. When I had bariatric surgery, I was nowhere near ALR's size thankfully but anyways, when I went in for that surgery they usually put you on a type of bariatric meal replacement shake for 2-3 weeks before the actual surgery takes place to help shrink your liver. One of the side effects of this shake based pre-surgery diet is a weight loss of 5-10% of your total body weight. So for someone like Amberlynn, that would mean in 3 weeks she would lose nearly 60 pounds. This optivia thing was clearly a pyramid scheme, because it should take NOBODY a whole month to lose 16 pounds. I don't care what size you are, my fat ass was 380 and in 3 weeks, aka less than a damn month, I lost nearly 50 pounds and that was before the surgery ever happened. ALR could lose weight if she really wanted too, but she doesn't, because she doesn't want to put the effort in. She's lazy, plain and simple.

  41. This GIRL, not GORL, just doesn't really want to lose weight, she doesn't want help. The only thing that could possibly help her at this point is in patient care at some facility where they can control her food intake. I don't know why her family and friends don't get her to check into a treatment center for help that she desperately needs!

  42. Funny enough, I am a firm believer of having the right amount of calories. I think it is very important and the single thing I changed in my life recently that has helped me lose fat (though different things work for different people). Her problem is that her "trying" is less that a week, and because she is extremely over weight and doesn't do any exercise or stay consistent on a healthy meal plan, her body will work against her in weight loss because she isn't making eating healthy the norm, thus making her body not want to maintain homeostasis. Most people I think should have a healthy diet that they enjoy enough to forever commit to, but amberlynn is on borrowed time and needs to lose weight as optimally as she can or she just won't make it.

  43. How about doing something other than eating ALL day ? Crochet, lift weights, anything other than putting food into your mouth ?

  44. Amberlynn always focuses on only her food intake, and she forgets completely that she’s got to exercise. She can eat super healthily, and do a billion diets, but they won’t ever work. She’s got to burn some calories off. She’ll never exercise as much as she needs too, and she’ll never make a healthy real food, protein and plant based LONG term lifestyle change in combination, so she’ll keep growing and growing until she’s 24/7 bed bound. All she’s got to do is
    1) get a therapist specialising in ED’s (B.E.D)
    2) find a diet coach, who specialises in (low calorie) protein and plant based foods and overeating/obesity
    3) find a personal trainer who works with morbidly obese people like herself.
    If she does that for a year, a fucking year she’ll see changes she never expected. It’s so frustrating to me that it’s so simple and she just can’t figure it out. It’s the answer to any healthy lifestyle. Eat right, move more and take care of your mental health as best you can. I just want to shake her, it’s not that hard to figure out Amberlynn.

  45. Alr, i believe you have an eating disorder, i really do . But if you have an eating disorder, this isnt going to help! You need T H E R A P Y , and proper therapy, not that betterhelp crap. You need to go to a feeding clinic, you need to be hospitalized, you need to be an inpatient, you dont solve years and years of problematic behavior and underlying trauma by "going on a program" you know youre gonna fail. These programs are capitalizing off of your mental health and insecurities.

  46. Where in the hell is she getting all of these bruises? I see one on her arm in this video and I seen two on her face in a different video…they are circular and red.

  47. isn’t it crazy to think that if she lost two hundred pounds she’d still weigh 300lbs but if the majority of us lost 200lbs we’d be non existent

  48. "They teach you to not eat your feelings but choose healthier options throughout the day."

    Those two things aren't related, though.

  49. Holy shit. This "Health Coach" seems to just be an optavia salesperson. ALR got hussled into buying a shit ton of processed junk food.

  50. I think by "hours and hours [x20] of research" she meant it took her hours just to read a few reviews with the 1.5 brain cells she has left.

  51. I did optavia and it worked really well for me, but the way she did it was idiotic and a waste of her money. If you dont commit to the diet, it will fail no matter what the circumstances. I personally balanced it by eating a lot of cucumber and celery throughout the diet too so I would be getting fresh foods too. You also HAVE to exercise to see any real results.

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