$75 Healthy Food Haul on a Budget

$75 Healthy Food Haul on a Budget

Hey good morning guys. Welcome back to
another vlog. We thought that we would do our first haul video for you guys we got
a grocery store haul here and so we’re gonna check it out and see what $75 at
Piggly Wiggly will fire you okay one two three four five six sweet potatoes in
there one red bell pepper for four bananas all right bag number two here
whoo I get the meat we’ve got ground turkey we have got boneless skinless
chicken breasts two purple onions and one green pepper all right I think this
cool fancy bag that they gave us today for free I think they said somebody
don’t matter to me because sanity something about trash Tennessee just in
crazy yup so we got here we got a loaf of
whole wheat bread we’ve got an open container blueberries blueberries right
here BAM see what else we got we’ve got a bag of jalapeno peppers visit for
actually in my eggs in morning we’ve got a bag
tilapia frozen tilapia this is a 1-pound bag see strawberries American strawberries
were they from from Florida Florida strawberries guys quote two pounds of
Florida strawberries we have got one spray can of olive oil one can of black
beans two cans I’m telling you all right ooh lima beans
I love lima beans grants this is a special per set requested strawberry
preserves missus – seasonings and then was a very last name Joseph thank you blueberries it escaped alright this is
our last bag and this is an avocado from Mexico and three limes cilantro Wow too late one on a large tomato one
orange bell pepper and celery celery sticks these have already been had the
leaves and tissue so that’s what $75 I have piggly-wiggly combined thanks so
much for hanging out with us today guys check out the video right here about
shopping at Piggly Wiggly if you’ve never been there before you might want
to check it out it’s a pretty cool store we’ll see you right over there in the
next video

34 thoughts on “$75 Healthy Food Haul on a Budget

  1. Waw those fruits and vegetable are too expensive I think… ? All of them per pieces have an incredible price yeah… Ex : One of tomato are $ 0.77 or little bit more I forgot hehehe… Remember, 1 tomato not 1 kilo…
    But ? those all of them are good fruits and vegetables…

  2. OMG! It's just no way with that $ 75.00 you can get all of those stuff in HAWAII. I believe everything cost double or even triple………
    My opinion? Cost of living in HAWAII way more expensive……….
    But that is the way it is if you want to live in paradise and in the middle of nowhere you have to pay the price

  3. please make more grocery shopping video..or anything about your family's daily life.. love all your video.. salam dari indonesia

  4. What standards do you use to maintain the ideal body Pak Martin? Calories or carbohydrates? Or is there something else?

  5. Hello Pak Martin… How are you ?
    Sudah lama sekali saya tidak menonton video bapak..
    Salam untuk keluarga

  6. I don't mean to be creepy sir & I have a girlfriend but gosh your wife is such a joy to watch omg you are a lucky man & you deserve a million subscribers?

  7. a tip if you're attempting to lower your bag waste things like single avocados don't need their own bag… or other fruits in general. if you bring a few reusable bags you can throw most of your produce into one of them. just thinking you probably don't want to accumulate that much waste if you're off grid.

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