23 HEALTHY Items You Should Buy at Costco to SAVE MONEY!

23 HEALTHY Items You Should Buy at Costco to SAVE MONEY!

– Hey, everybody! I’m Melea from The Melea Show. So, if you guys have been
following me on Instagram, you know that I have
gotten really hard core into fitness, working out
five to six days a week, eating crazy healthy, counting
macros, all of that stuff. So, I thought today it
would be a good idea to take you guys into Costco
and show you guys some of my favorite healthy finds
that are like my go-tos. Plus, show you the healthy foods that will actually save you money if you buy them at Costco
versus a regular grocery store. So, let’s get started. (lively happy music) Before we get started, just a reminder that everyone’s version of
healthy foods is different. So, I’m going to show you guys
an array of different items depending on how healthy you wanna be. Just keep that in mind
before you guys comment and say that food doesn’t help people. Your healthy might be different
than someone’s else’s. I’ll give you guys a
ton of different options and my favorites that
will save you guys money. And if you’re brand new, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
and click the bell icon so you guys don’t miss future videos. Let’s get started. Okay, I feel super excited
because the Babybel cheeses are on instant savings,
so I save even more. It’s the cheapest I’ve ever
found the Babybel cheeses. You can’t them cheaper at
Walmart or any grocery store. They have the regulars, which are great. And then they also have the lights, which are less calories and less fat. These are like my go-to snack in the car because you know us moms, we’re always in the car running around. And popping one or two of these
as a quick snack is awesome, and something that I always
grab when I’m at Costco. Alright, G2G Protein Bars, Costco, guys. You have to get these at Costco. They’re $2.00 each, $2,00
each at the grocery store. And there are eight in here. If I was to buy these
at the grocery store, they would be 16 bucks. So, buying them here,
makes them only 10 bucks. And these are awesome protein bars, you do have to keep them in
the fridge, just a heads up. My husband loves these, too,
he eats these every day. For those of you who like hummus, these are so good and cheaper than buying the actual huge tubs. They’re single servings, so you know exactly how much you’re getting
if you’re counting calories or trying to be healthy, or whatever. They’re single, so, awesome. Plus the entire box, and there’s
20 in a box, is only $6.49. So, this is one of my go-tos
every time I come to Costco. My kids will even eat this with celery and carrot snacks, so
it’s like a good snack. Clearly, go-to healthy finds are in the fruits and vegetable section. I’m not gonna go through and show you every single healthy thing here because they’re all healthy. But I will say, always bring a copy of that ad with you from
your weekly grocery store ad, so you can compare prices. Make sure you’re comparing
organic to organic, regular to regular. You’d be surprised which
items are comparable and which items cost way more. So make sure that you’re always checking because sometimes you feel like you’re getting a really great deal here, and other times you’re really not. Okay, I lied, since I’m here
I’m just gonna tell you. Strawberries for me are a great deal if they’re $2.00 or less per pound. And Costco has them for $2.00 per pound. A lot of times you’ll find them for a dollar a pound or less, but if you can get them for $2.00 a pound before you even get
into strawberry season, it’s a great deal. And my kids will eat these all day long, and so will I, so it’s
another healthy find that saves us money. Once or twice a year, avocados will go on sale at the grocery store, and it will make it cheaper than Costco. But for the most part,
you can get six avocados for a little bit over a dollar each, and that’s a great price
for most of the year. So, if you need avocados, Costco is a great place to grab those. Okay, this wouldn’t be a Costco video if I didn’t mention their
rotisserie chickens. These last so long. You can put them on salads,
you can do whatever. Just a reminder in case
you’re new to Costco and don’t know, these are amazing and better priced than any grocery store I’ve ever been to. And plus there’s no preservatives nor artificial flavors,
all that kind of stuff. And it’s Grade A chicken from the U.S.D.A. So, anyway, just a reminder that this is a healthy find, too. So, make sure you grab it
every time you come to Costco and make a few meals out of it. Okay, guys, I’m excited to
tell you about this one. These are my go-tos for breakfast. It’s an English muffin,
they’re Jimmy Dean Delights. They say they’re made with turkey sausage, egg whites, and cheese. They’re only 260 calories. They’re like a good warm meal when you don’t wanna make something or you just need something on the go. My kids even love these. So, anyway, it’s $11.89
for the entire box. There’ll like under a dollar each. If you buy these at the grocery store, they’re like $4.00 each. So, this is a crazy deal, and if you guys haven’t tried them, they’re
really, really good. So, yeah, you gotta try these for sure. Food should taste good. Chips are typically better priced here than they are at Target
and other grocery stores. These, if you guys have
never tried them before, are like healthy versions,
or healthier I should say, versions of chips. They’re made with flaxseed and quinoa, and they’re gluten free. Anyway, they’re really, really good, kind of like a grocery snack with, I don’t know, salsa,
like fresh made salsa. Anyway, they’re cheaper here than they are at the grocery store on a regular basis. Cliff Bars are also cheaper here. I know, you guys might argue about which protein bars or which bars are healthier than others versus
sugar, big sugar, whatever. I’m just gonna mention them in case you do love Cliff Bars or
you consider those healthy and you like to have them
for you or your kids. Right now they’re $15.89 at Costco. But typically a pack like this would be at least $24.00, if not more. So it’s a great deal if
you guys do like Cliff Bars and want to stock up on them. So, I know this technically isn’t a food, but if you hae sweaty,
disgusting workout clothese that just smell, I love this stuff. Downy Unstopables are so great. The Purex are great, too, but my Costco doesn’t have
the big bottles of Purex. So, these are my go-to. And you guys can see the price behind me. Typically it’s cheaper to buy these than it is to buy two to three of the smaller bottles at your store. So, unless there’s a crazy
deal at your grocery store, this is your best bet, and your clothes and your gym clothes will smell amazing. String cheese all day long is cheaper at Costco every time without fail. I don’t know why grocery
stores charge so much for it, but the entire bag with 60, 60, you guys, string pieces is $10. Seriously, it’s so much
cheaper than any time I’ve ever been to a grocery store. So, you have to get string cheese here if you wanna save money. Greek yogurt is something I typically, actually I can’t even stomach it. I can’t even eat it, but I
know a lot of you guys do. So, just a heads-up, Greek Yogurt is typically cheaper at Costco, as well. Two 32 ounces are $5.69. So, if you like to sweeten it with Stevia or with whatever, it’s cheaper here than most of the time at
your local grocery store. Same goes for Chobani. For some reason at my grocery store Chobani is typically like
a dollar a container. And here they are under
a dollar a container, you get 20 for $13.99. So, if you like the Chobani Greek yogurt, then that’s a great option, too. Alright, when it comes to eggs, especially organic eggs, brown eggs, things like that, it’s
gonna be cheaper at Costco. Almost every single time I’ve ever grocery shopped, it’s cheaper at Costco. Because I’m getting basically two, I’m getting two dozen eggs for $6.39. And a lot of the times,
the organic brown eggs are more than $3.00, they’re
usually around four bucks. So, check your prices
at your grocery store because it’s gonna be
different everywhere you go. But typically eggs are gonna
be cheaper here to begin with. I mean, $3.69 for 24 eggs is a steal. I’m pretty sure I told you this before, this is my favorite
prepackaged meat, it’s natural. Which means there’s no nitrates,
no artificial ingredients. And I cannot find it at any grocery store cheaper than Costco. It comes with three packages. So, it’s three packages of meat for $9.59. Any time I have found
it at a grocery store, they’ve been like $5.00 each. So, it saved me a ton of money. And they’re, in my
opinion, the best tasting. So, if you see this at your Costco, you guys should totally try it. I know you normally aren’t
gonna think of hot dogs as a healthy food, but for
my kids who love hot dogs these are 100% beef,
and they’re gluten-free, they don’t have any fillers,
or anything like that. They’re like premium hot dogs. Costco’s is the cheapest. I can’t see a price anywhere,
there’s like no price. But usually one package of these at my grocery store is around five bucks, and these end up being
around three at Costco when you divide them out. So, if you want hot dogs for your kids and you want a healthier option, these are 100% beef and
a really great option for a healthier hot dog. Turkey sausage links are
also a really good option. Jimmy Dean has a whole line of healthier versions with turkey. So, when you want a healthier breakfast in maybe a Sunday morning
when you have time to do it, these are another option other than the Turkey Delights I already showed you. And again, they’re way
cheaper than they are at the grocery store,
48 count for nine bucks. Alright, I still have more to show you but I want to take a quick time out. If you guys see anything or
remember anything at Costco that is usually a better
deal than the grocery store and it’s a healthy food
item, comment below and let me know what I missed because there’s no way I’d be able to show you guys everything in this video, and I know I’m gonna miss things. So, comment below and
share and let us know. I’d love to have a running list below in the comments section. We all can use it and help us find great deals on healthy foods. Now this is a really, really big jar of peanut butter, but it’s all natural. And all natural peanut butter, even if you’re not really eating healthy, you should totally buy. It doesn’t have the transfats in it and everything that a lot of
the regular peanut butters do. This huge bottle of peanut
butter is $8.99 at Costco. And this brand is
typically pretty expensive at a grocery store. So, just a heads up that it’s here, too, and another way for you to save. Canned fruit is one of those tricky things because every single one
is gonna be different. Some will be a good deal,
some won’t be a good deal. Some have added sugar in them, so if you’re trying to be super healthy, you don’t want to buy those, you want to buy the ‘no sugar added’ and sometimes Costco doesn’t have those. So, this is kind of a tricky
one to help you guys with. I hope that gives you guys
some extra information. I typically buy these at Costco, as well. They are the organic applesauce pouches. They don’t have any sugar added. The whole box is ten bucks. So, it’s a great price, and I typically can’t find anything
better at a grocery store. Sometimes I do, but it’s just sometimes more convenient to buy here
than try to be watching for a sale at a grocery store on these. So, this is another great healthy find that your kids can have
as a healthy snack. If you guys haven’t tried
Kodiak Cakes, these are amazing. They are protein, high,
high, high in protein. And you can pancakes, or
waffles, or whatever with them. It’s a huge, huge box and
it’s definitely cheaper than the grocery store by far. My husband has an addiction to salsa. It’s the cheapest here at Costco, as well. And there’s an instant
savings right there right now which makes it even cheaper. So, these are always cheaper at Costco than they are at the grocery store. He prefers the Pace, but
salsa for the most part is a pretty healthy snack
you can add to your food. There are a lot of different protein bars. I know, I’m gonna say it again, some of them have added sugars. Some of you guys might think they’re not as healthy or as healthy
an option as you could get, but these guys are usually cheaper here. Sometimes you can find
them on Amazon for cheaper but not usually. So, just a heads up, if you
have a favorite bar here, more than likely it’s
cheaper to get at Costco. Beef jerkys are also a
lot cheaper at Costco. I’m really careful with
beef jerkys, though, because a lot of them have a
lot of added sugar in them. So, make sure you look at the labels to see if the beef jerky is healthy or if it has a ton of sugar in it. These organic sweet potato
crackers are amazing, and I eat them with
string cheese for a snack. Or you can use them and
scoop cottage cheese on them. I use them a lot of different ways, but these are awesome, as well. And the whole box is $9.69. Alright guys, we’re done. Did you guys like the video? I hope so. If you did, don’t forget,
give this video a like. (bell rings) I hope it helps to give
you guys some ideas of what foods you should
be buying at Costco to help you save money on
healthy foods or healthier foods. And if you guys haven’t
seen my other Costco videos, I’m gonna link you guys
to those right now. I have videos showing you guys the things you should always buy at Costco, the things you should never buy at Costco if you’re looking to save money. And some other fun videos, too, so I’ll link you guys to
those just in a minute. And if you’re brand new, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. And I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye, guys. (happy rhythmic music)

100 thoughts on “23 HEALTHY Items You Should Buy at Costco to SAVE MONEY!

  1. Costco isn’t always the best for produce. Shes right price compare. If ur not going to use it all it’s a waste of money even if it’s cheaper.

  2. Kirkland organic canned tomatoes can be a good deal. Case of 8 cans for $5-6. It works out to about my preferred price of 50-66 cents a can for regular hunts tomatoes. Organic tomatoes in stores are always over a buck.

    Get Epson salts at Costco. 2 bags for the price of 1 at walmart.

  3. Brown eggs aren't necessarily organic. It usually means they were laid by a chicken that wasn't white. Probably a brown chicken. They aren't any healthier unless they free range or grass fed.

  4. According to UN WHO, red meat, processed meat, preserved meat, smoked meat cause cancer. Harvard Healthy Eating Plate says limit dairy bec dairy is linked to some forms of cancer. Japan has told seniors to limit salt (like miso) to lessen risk for strokes (salt also causes cancer). China has told its citizens to reduce animal prodcucts by 50% for health and for the environment (can take b12 supplement).

  5. The first things to buy at costco are unrefined cheap staple foods like whole grains (steel cut oats, quinoa) and tubers (potato, sweet potato). Can get enough protein via healthy eating pattern of cheap unrefined staple foods plus some vegetables. If concerned about protein, Costco business center and its website sells in bulk (25 lb bags) black bean, red bean, garbanzo (chickpea), pinto bean, lentil, mayocoba bean (canary bean, peruvian bean). Soak the beans overnight and they can be boiled in 20 minutes so no need to buy a pressure cooker. Pressure cooker could be a source of micro plastics and chemicals bec of the rubber seal on the lid. Lentils will cook fast even if not soaked overnight. Costco sells lots of fresh greens and vegetables (also frozen vegetables). High calcium greens are kale, collard, mustard greens, turnip greens and bok choy. Can just pour boiled food over greens to avoid the need to buy salad dressings. If reducing or eliminating animal products (all animal products have 0 fiber), can buy the costco vitamin b12 supplement (cyanocobalamin is cheaper and more reliable than methylcobalamin). For iodine, can buy some dried seaweed in bulk from mountainroseherbs com. If concerned about omega 3 epa/dha, can buy some costco sardines with bones (throw away the oil which is a refined substance). Sardines with bones will have calcium, epa/dha omega 3, some vitamin d, some iodine, etc. For ALA omega 3, can buy chia seed (can also buy flax seed powder from trader joe's or perilla seed powder from korean store). Most people can convert ala omega 3 to epa/dha omega 3 which is also what sheep do. Can get vitamin d from sunshine and or buy a vitamin d supplement from costco. There are brands of mushrooms with vitamin d. To avoid the need for sweeteners or salt, can eat boiled sweet potato as the staple food. To make boiled whole grains more palatable, can go with sweet by buying some fruits like berries. To make boiled grains more palatable, can go with salty and buy some tomato paste, mustard, soy sauce, vinegar, onion, garlic, turmeric, cassia cinnamon, no salt seasoning, worcestershire sauce (not vegan bec has anchovies), etc. Can buy cloves, ginger, habanero powder, annatto powder (has vitamin A), lemon peel powder (vitamin c), amla powder (vitamin c), triphala powder (vitamin c), etc. from mountainroseherbs com. If want more selenium, can buy some fresh mushrooms or dried mushrooms. If having a harder time getting iron or zinc from unrefined vegan foods, can buy some oyster, clam and mussel. If want more b vitamins (also chromium) can order online Twinlab brewers yeast.

  6. Can eliminate refined substances like oil, sweeteners, juice, refined flour, protein powder, tofu, seitan, salt, etc.

  7. Yes, what is healthy for one may not be healthy for another. Sugar is not evil to everyone, it is the eating it relentlessly that has America in trouble. A person has to get to 1,500Cal -> 3,500Cal per day for typical metabolic rates somehow (body builders go to 6,000Cal a day). A person has to eat over 1500Cal a day to prevent starvation damage in the body. Requirements for protein 0.8-1 g -> 2g per 1kg of body weight, unless prescribed otherwise. Sugar, lipids, and complex carbs are designed around exercise, allergies, and other health concerns.

  8. I can’t get over how expensive groceries are in America! I was recently there with my family and none of us could believe how much more expensive everything (healthy or otherwise) is, compared to European prices.?

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  10. Hi Melea ? I used to have a CostCo membership, but the closest CostCo is about a 25 minute drive away. I wasn’t really using my membership to make it worth it. However your video has inspired me to consider getting a new membership. Thanks for the deals breakdowns.

    God Bless! ?

  11. Brussel Sprouts!!! Big plastic box of spring mixed greens! Spinach too!! OH and all the spices, breads and chips are super great deals!

  12. As for myself have 2 disagree @ the eggs. I got $5 of 30 eggs. Was going to grab the costco eggs thinking it was 30 aswell but my local grocery store has that egg deal

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  19. The organic quinoa at Costco is terrific. It really is well rinsed and has none of that soapy flavor that other brands of supposedly rinsed quinoa still have. Hint: Dump the desired amount of DRY quinoa in your saucepan. Dry toast it on medium heat till you smell a lovely roasted aroma and some of the grains pop. Then add required amount of water. EXTRA GOOD!

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