1ShotPlays - The World Ends With You Part 11 - The Main Course (Semi-Blind)

1ShotPlays – The World Ends With You Part 11 – The Main Course (Semi-Blind)

hello gaming of the internet we're back with the world and remix this is it baby so Yuri Finn this is gonna be the final day yeah ha ha ha ha could you imagine that other than Paul so why no Peters games but was it the S game no really this is been like what 8 hours 7 hours for an RPG as well oh yeah it's totally not my last day and also there are characters in the books I've ever seen yeah so turdy you know but yeah the game sure anyway this is it we're gonna end it that's a go boom would you like the 10 terrains of Shiki once again before we finish mess alright yup today we win the shit there is is the cool remix of Colin by the way a very climactic but we're stuck the game is about to end again there is the last machine greatly the gamemaster reached you on the freeway defeat him also straight-up kill the game on oh wow I like it I mean whether you're two players left don't we oh yeah so close to us to stop him it's literary Nicky and shiki specific mission you have 600 minutes wow bale and face a ratio very busy the game master is that big Reaper I call me Reaper guys does not still talk about food need to pay him back for him what if it be good in Hell's Kitchen or not I don't think rhymes you could reach out to his face to put sandwiches on each side of his cheek said God game to win for B and for us for us to be calling us now watching more sheep Ted kids speaking i love the snark all right you know i stoop super edge lord mo naku is math by I like snarky the best these little phrases are pretty good they resonate with me oh it's Hannah coma bones that you miss Anna coma this is B II oh shit he's gone Oh what's he doing gone don't mean no no no race no yeah that's not supposed to mean look he must have left a cafe where I was L master last no oh that's just a dumb way of saying mustard he left why I don't know why look enough questions you gotta hurry that can go upon to fight with he's Reaper Chavez second they spawn sighs today's day 7 the GM carrot a press to read oh oh directly so no more noise the GM glitchy guard than retail and you will believe me son of a whore hey have a little faith you're almost there just put an end to the game you do that scare brain why just survive this right got it so we're gonna save B as well by ending this knife going B what's going on is being trouble could say that yeah oh we could still save and if we in the gaming time then let's move it let's move on down and meet head and as he lost his mind why can you just say a Masonic mo naku let's go to the freeway it's not far from the station under clause what the hell is be doing by himself oh we've got oh you look so good together I see oh she says Reapers walking about ah yes how can we forget EP as a big fan of its kind of XP also so I completely forgot on the DS version saw reminded me that there's actually enough for PP you can get Oh it's basically okay so remember the Diaz had a little thing called people free pass that was a bit of previous was first read yet yeah are you a only des had the same kind of thing but yet you have he people hearted people at the game of Steve wait the screen it's come up with street before Nintendo know pretty sure I wasn't intended yes already if I was already mechanical a lot of games that was a mechanic here on this game for some other reason take this public enough no yeah alright say we got so we got eyes for the Pope that's the light ones you can be quite good we go pew pew pew s yeah can we max out got the stache e PP use our purse fashion their death and this is a shockwave I'm sorry this is Bobo that's the power one isn't it yeah I like that lot of change oh yeah I'm fine min okay magic we into the boss about coop coop mr bean bet you wouldn't caught up then you go fast oh yeah I did first night mm-hmm don't you play as Neku that's my job I've been pressed about let's go join my crusade there it gets called for missing the badge or we could still stop dog good joyful all right cool also the reason people walk around as bloody Doctor Who fans / Sherlock Holmes fans is because the brand shots so what's hot right now is Tiger Punk's make them so that explain why people of kind of drifting in Punk I dress up in punks that stuff yeah he's got a lot of jackets that's a really cool feature that's awesome yeah I didn't know it until now but that's that's why people are walking around in lies similar clothes because it's because the brands what's going on what's hip right now in Shibuya I like it as awesome twist a freeway that although low the realest so many reefers do we have to buy each one excuse me why are you purple holy crap what is you've got a funky kind of color palette going on very good costumer Amy did I start anyway what say we play a little game and like you go anything better to do Oh combat challenges mission style battles of special objectives and various effects interesting Oh cursed mission necros HP slowly depletes as the foul goes on no time to waste everyone how do you say yes well well Taunton Oliver sharp is go the partner boss it's going bad guys oh yeah I do the next time can we be post I'm just going where you're going then come on actually retreating he finds out what they don't respawn might be one of those kind of oysters Oh Joe John oh it's fine you worry Wharf to go this they did the story the second story mentioned in there every drank every sip of my every reacted then we'd be absolutely dead by now I'll go yeah do it for you man come on bench step up oh good it is a story matron no this is combat chain let's go out be very good alright at schoolies guys don't get in the way oh never love ho ho that's really good and don't good timing keep it then get that stick-up there we go guys so tough so those are interests there now I've never seen notable um hmm well over log heads up at the bomb there gets the feeling that were truly cursed smells much of these enemies Oaks we've got a starve and that means is it perfect with God's work how much HP we lost together at tough enough you and bird some call me forest good you did good you will be proud do we get Christoph from it thanks I guess wait witty good Oh cursed mission Combat Challenge which make me say to be safe piece of bow goes on that other waste Oh omission noise stick approving your vanquishing the curse the noise right maybe might be a little bad or some shit yes swag I cut all free stickers now open the door to a brand new world and is this how we get the extra bonus ship for the end of this game maybe oh we can eat oh it's been a day oh let the tiny food have you gotten pretty sure we bought something yeah evil one oh we go ICS attack that's bravery cool all right yeah I'm reckon that's a way that we actually got access to new stuff off of the game puppies he flood just because no this is open to a new world yeah I wonder oh it's been a long time is that off for surprising in love we are in chat we have an action that drink until now wow that's surprising that might be it's been 11 minutes separate the whole pack of prisoners getting to you take a second drink respondent myself that's not a rule by the way miss Val didn't go that is not drinking ruled Shula hey that's 32 per minute what would they fight for a free reduction chain battle I don't care what are we fighting hope you don't shade for your rounds of world Cal oh all right well Ben shall we get over there yeah ah shit shit my pins quick moving a masked one what about all those black people I'm acid that I've been there Jess in the way so I know maybe so you can go get some more shops and get more stuff I feel pretty confident I assure try and master this chain I feel this opinion negativity over here doing going yo Inc oh no I think of this oh whoa the more the merrier weak brand oh we got a challenge in our hands let's go fortune favors the bold as they say Nega penguin kill the trouble tattoo penguin happy feet more I tried my feet haha I have a terrible Joe don't laugh at me yeah you're cool a three-point yeah go team off da I'm up oh oh so hard a foetus crosstalk hey do much I did a bit damaged but as you can see it that went out really quickly yeah they reach out oh oh oh that's on it someone using them no I mean hey what the shit was my pinnacle always Nick city Nick and made sure that this Jack my bow toothpick in excuse me yeah for sure okay so that's a thing they can see as a mechanic they can t steal our shit if they feel like it that scares me a little bit the forces do that on my rage that's Gordon oh oh oh shit hey you up there don't wash your back I missed I never miss oh boy you guys a fool oh my they are dead you're dead oven did generation existence which is what happens in this game when you die cool what we call that down that's how it's done yeah you know go weak Brad's you've changed a brand so yeah screw you for four mighty power down to us for rebels are down what in there so sure oh good go go go speed not the fucking SWAT team was something here Nexus which they can't need the because be some trouble yeah you've got attack anyway yes all right let's have a look in Shibuya station side and I've been here before find you is Oh am I step on me lady good day sir poison skull they fix a tack break could evolve hey might be ever sister she's not a bitch Eva that's a first and fine jewelry oh I don't want a dude attack even is good that sound good for 50,000 yen but you got your fingernail ways that Atari that's for shaky what the fuck's a dropkick yeah yeah oh it's drop rate will greatly increase Oh hope I kind of cut your kid that's cool I mean we could wear this sucker guess bullshit beat ya'll get for it will raise her thing about to go we wasn't there was via will never ever knock free escape are us when your pawns get pissed off for you we need oh oh don't what this is plus form that's that's decent buffs you know what if I get that will reach a friendship with this lady here yeah it's great excellent choice Mia cool same here the car cute accessory heaven burger shop so antenna natural or natural path you've got Saudis already we've got Kiwi beam yeah and he rounds asleep defense break finish up with a shaky one Bossip Rena I'm pretty sure we've got a sign already that's good officiating Wow that's all you Paddy's Fudo head where oh it gives Neku HP Bach that's nice sunglasses Sanders oh I can't the most divisive sort of Footwear as on the egg sucks crumbs oh okay yeah okay other Krug I mean what what that slows us down in bowels because how would you run in flip-flops and sandals I know how you guys do it you'll be sliding right now yeah right now food we should buy some ice creams pretty good with gay laws well okay coffee at these actually I will get Ford for reserves and lady you can never have a nice ice cream can I buy a smile too e thank you got it alright more faster your place it need like some folks like that not just because I remember I was paying Yakuza zero and there's this place where you there's an option where you say can I get a smile oh my it's like a it's not the company thing where sometimes you can ask just full smile from the clerk oh that's like all that's nice why they don't throw up with weird up in the UK one fucking beer it's you know it's nice thought positive vibes I guess would youwould you must be on the right way six days and you're still cooking I'm impressed a reaper hey clear the road we're in a hurry Oh Elk River will you guys excuse me oh I wanna go back and fight with y'all I'll have you know daya for as level one in my poor fighter oh and what are you they've been a chain reduction spy here you got no chance sure you have mr. Meekin limit it what the hell Luke is carrying a sign icon here like or hate me more hi they're not here we're all maybe I hit their shoulders just fly in there doing nothing no mystery pumps sorry about what the fuck was that oh no me and my big mouth oh shit well you best put our game faces on then let's bear that thing oh my god I carry narrow moose Canyon area narrow all right there we go uphill without the sink right yeah you hit the same Aimee's as I do right fucking Birds piss off I convert wall but take there is Sikkim ah so you go hit me he goes car take me away jar that bursty my woman my whoa man you're dead you're dead son yeah I'm not so or I used to cover me why do that one yeah maybe you cover my back while I do them no offense Benjamin they're still good partner I get a sink rate up really high and your area – it's hard damage to it well that's a well that's nice warm up do we file with young bear tribe are we actually gonna fight them all they just see that would like more tips humans have been special oh it's a boulder one like the one we just pulled off from the shore damn it cost us time no beef okay Rory won't save him come on we're still in this right the shut leg game down mr. phiraday you guys put on my standby or something okay no pray it see this is why I paced myself walk – hon you run out of work yeah we did wrap up a ton of points this week on a seventh day first of many days of filed or is that be you say no oh yo Luther you oh oh you doing me and white Nestle absorb what's up oh we toasted your partner you should be smoked by now make another pact be are you actually were you gonna try and take him on yourself right here are you gonna try like I've stopped up ellipsis and I'll lingo this time that cheeky shtick not yours your hair go back to your own stick so like what I see for revenge No and what you want enjoy drunk answers to know what you know do realize you're in no position to make them on stop hesitating be out of it I can arrays you with my little finger oh my god come on we've done so well with this part about no sips no sense whatsoever and then beat makes us drink of shit have ellipsis of all things what is going northern don't know what's happening anymore they've changed the rules oh of course me your books his ID I you revisit a fucking worst all right skulls Souls you asked maybe Roy I'll answer get one what does it take how you Reapers do it do war I'll go back back what erase people but our Ben's behest it looks like we're going back yeah I'm so hyped for the climax of when you're not playing the game stop whining like a baby I'm never okay god yes Roy you could be silenced oh fuck don't give me silencer this is why I was back Dean you want to get locked up that's why you brought me here I'll see your stick pin I made the psycho spy for a reason a hog come on oh so please let me to clear the room first bring some funky shades who told you needs to be stupid little fetch missions look up all from the blue Oh God another questionnaire it's time for the reaper review today's review has a field I'll be asking about curricula you know the shopping trip interview station side oh okay question one what's the love you so lady's name oh fuck I didn't get her name mom Tara was not no no that's my waifu uh I'm gonna go you you new roomie maybe don't say watching two it's the pinnacle happy be me got that yeah so we'll use in bowl which tosh point-o use or the dude tap yeah well all new so small version free okay the volume this door the slogan bandanas with brown I mean as happy fuck cheep-cheep it's a bandana of her life that I think I see a tiger pox with hips neg yeah when we speak of sheep heavenly I probably I was like the hippie thing going hip Steve okay I was always rude before Eve you listen to survey says fuck we go back and check it all right fine fine bandanna we'll be right back okay you know what to do yeah yeah yeah yeah I I wish you go what you go name is you new roomie I guess that as well and boy Roy huh a thing for Effinger happy beam stache Neku I got happy be Mickey be mixed up I've been here snake yes Indian boys awesome fruit but they may feel good the review mr. Shute members you see um bye-bye for now oh oh yeah if you have to shit that's nice I guess essential awaits us here exactly suppose if you try to find the pig noise if there's pig noises oh there might be the reapers just power access to the usual stuff these are buffs to attacking defense but we don't want those okay like just everything you've been through yeah that's what I call in the first place oh you can go here you can go everywhere as long as you can get the leather beepers let you through maybe fine two hours later alright and you see any mechanic's liens against sync charge or see Georgie goofy but then the buffer right – the penguin Cadbury City 2,000 years later pig noise I found it found by the way thank you guys turns in the comments about actually the level rate does not matter with picking with oh I always be the same so they can go put on you know ham on it so I made that joke before when you know me my broken record especially my Simpsons jokes alright where is this peaky big there it yeah just bring back home the bacon tracking the game I can have a mimic here it's literally the same thing by sponsors for bonus fuckin enemy so it doesn't matter breath in the traffic better Jackson are tend obviously where do we get by the way I missed what we were oh my dear ok I'm assume it's very metal or something yeah yeah so too busy going yeah yes so basically the Reapers are just getting away for shortcuts to please that's me true year as it was still know what the hell they do sorry Jedi Master okay let's go back to where we were before one eternity later my funky shades weed that full the Reaper don't worry I'll give it to him just in case he gives some ghost there he gives us some good shit hey nobody fast friends this one thank you alright let's go pick up some items but then we can go ten for it yeah hey well I'm calling for us you can pause which is giving us their leftover food so much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one pygmies and Jensen quite see what it does nice let's see what it does actually I'll be fun to using the boss alright / empty space ass entanglement sergeant he sprays oh it's just a change as soon as just a bit it's already evolved yeah makes sense the big box pin right and this is your alternative oh I got so many of these pins you could set them something like yeah Wow no I yeah boy every little you're with stinky pirate ship if it is loaded with money right I can to buy watches and jewelry and get showered up by the clerk's in there it's gonna be awesome all right it's ready go back let's continue on the station underpass I remember this place war game ass is just ahead yeah it's good finally the end is in sight being crazy I'm wild week time India Yugi I learned something about lucky I would wake up when school actually area watch TV and I have come try out forever and now you do because you're dead they're ours what you've gotten to this gun here this week won't you made me feel more like a Cessna for a woman but win this game it's funny how you feel with Mike reliable today yeah ironic the best is to the head once we win and come back to life you're pretty good at is hot it took him a bit but it got there eventually say how long we win okay brave with a big boss you know hey if you make it further lift me up in the RG you Mandy I know oh that's how hotel for mister mute ah I'll bring me some you are school can be a team again oh oh think over man that was growing the most of all these four characters yeah hi for sure chickie is a very close second but I thought Nick who's who I've grown quite a bit as welcome yes actually no Ted that bag shaky sprig run the most the whole thing of all identity was free for mind-blowing yeah that was crazy but net Deku does a closer car take that back by a neck who's had a good girl first world he's not saying out of my face go away don't get you stupid people brother back it over watch him play Reaper boo yeah it was my sprite going okay let's finish this should we wait before we do that let's do some prep yeah every what we should know it true die whatever my like private yeah yeah this don't make it too easy I mean better for you imagine yeah I thought that was quite strong yeah yeah how many we had died once okay we died wise but I was actually we didn't now to beat the boss yeah that was but you know with age comes wisdom laughter drinking exactly I bow to one of my CDs actually to learning Maori someone said that you can put pins in luck applause so they actually come first you've got a she's a rule I have no idea how to do either maybe if you have two of the same opinion pipeline maybe your Mac OS / border one does it all interesting by using a divorce I'll keep stash PP use stash in a meeting I don't believe it you okay wow that one's well actually yeah yeah have a good combo to use your stash yeah alright this is the set so you've got our new stash pin we have got the pews we've got close range mini and we've also got a lion moon back so when we combine that with our slashes would do mega damage yeah so I'll go for that yeah got our nice sink and our maze it's sink rate could be there are amazing team to do views he'll be fine and also because you don't want to go to too easy in the boss yeah we've got good the bossa nova choice ain't where yeah actually both supported okay gosh fucking shit Oh business is it PC applause wait to pick up the boss's body you're late I'll show you my to set the table before cooking the main dish you and your food related languages over after this we're not on the menu you are oh snap we've got to say to that big man oh hello there young lady but waiting for this day what's this the JC in your heart my secret spice it's God lost your appetite but you will clean with envy be kraj into a light golden brown so deliciously jealous that's right I was jealous that's how I'm lucky I am takes an amazing friend to make sure that's a good spin so you can just get ready to lose you tell him I swear I'm getting my life back Aries waiting in the RG and you I'm not gonna get in my way so you're going starving tonight may I'm hot then they give emotions for you to gobble up you've gone stale young lady but no matter a true chef can whip up a twosome meal even from the basis of ingredients unless it's raw or overcooked shut up do you not very night into our videos wherever you go I'm kicking you off one shot please mr. kid Tony Gia's give me your recipe Lia and I intend to cook it now prepare to be spicy tuna roll oh shit here we go whoo let's fucking go Abed holy shit something awful sharp let's do this Mike you're so cool welcome to Hell's Kitchen you're all right it's me yes – the boys news or taste test yeah damage damage design oh shit demons Baphomet but my tribal tattoos goatman straight straight straight oh no we stand up alright one little help oh shit damage it's fine Oh cause not ah if you guys get my reference to get me talking points we did it yeah mr. join me laser beams as fuck of death yeah the kitchen you're fired yeah I'm pretty happy that grade we're been me high five boom get dunked on Scarlet's hi full of Sh a scratch empty space closet rhinoceroses and offense boost off in twisters the most fun this some of my memories as a kid that was even those those are remixes of it even during that time as well so you lost it in digestibility I lost well done young lady up your apron man you're off the show say is he dead corner man game over we did it we won woohoo now we can come back to life what's going on hmm cheeky huh I don't think this place bad the light of victory yeah it was almost like a pound the back and you said cheeky huh oh yeah he never boarded did you never call her by her name I remember stalker food a stalker that's a good point he actually never called her by her name I can just realize until now Wow necking she's super glad you grew up hot over Neku that's the first time you do my name oh really and used to me as well yeah go just as bad as in Neku oh so they're gonna get it eyes back you know me Patrick oh I like the statue of Hachiko oh look at that wholesome happy spry he just did you guys see that is the intro what the hell was of the side music why oh the Dino go back oh I know what Oh why are you boy war Oh week mystery why they say waitress dreamer they're not done are they before stay we're back at the start oh okay oh so this so this is how the game's going to continue they don't actually finish the game they bullshit do they lie to it because Nick who is pretty pissed off it was a repeat of the prologue yeah and I think that phone was mission male possibly and the chapters could wake the stream so that brings it brings it to my attention that apparently they're who did not look fat win the game and that he is still dead and that he still playing the Reapers game yeah that's not good oh no you did Jane the music's changed to new week new game new game new diffs ha oh shit we'll see you guys next time Oh No you

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  1. Oh, shit, you did get the sweet talk tether! Love that pin.
    Also, please don't drink every time Josh is a douche. You will die.

  2. Why does YouTube say there are 6 comments when there are only like four and two of them are mine?
    5 and 3, now, counting this one

  3. Here's a new rule for you to initiate. Everytime Joshua says something snarky or douche, take a sip. You'll only be dead in 2 parts…

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