15 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips on a Budget! (Save Money | Eat Healthy for Cheap!)

15 Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips on a Budget! (Save Money | Eat Healthy for Cheap!)

(upbeat music) – Hey everyone! So everyone is thinking
about their health, their New Year’s goals,
all those types of things, and when you start eating healthy foods you realize very quickly that
it can get very expensive. It’s typically more expensive
to buy those healthy foods that make you look
better, your skin better, make you feel better, help you
lose weight and stay healthy than it is versus purchasing
the packaged foods or the canned foods or even those junk foods that we all love. So today I’m actually going to be sharing my tips to help you guys save money while you’re eating healthy
and still stay on your budget. I’ve been doing this myself and it has saved our family a lot of money. Also in this video I’m actually
giving you guys a freebie. The first 10,000 people
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5pm Mountain Standard Time and I don’t want you guys to miss those and by subscribing you won’t, and you’ll be able to save a lot of money this year with your family. Since my channel is all about living the ultimate life for less, I’m hoping that it will
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what kind of videos you guys really do like so I can do more of these types of
videos in the future. Alright, so there are a
bunch of different ways you can actually save money
on those healthy foods, on produce, on poultry. It really, really is possible. I’ve done it a lot in our own family so I thought I’d share those
tips with you guys today. The first way that you guys can save money is by using produce coupons. They really do exist, and they aren’t as hard to
find as you think they are. The first way to get produce coupons is to actually go directly through the manufacturer or through the brand. So there’s places like
Driscoll’s, Chiquita, Doll, Earthbound Farms; all
of these different places. They actually have their own coupons. You can email them and
ask them for coupons, see if they have any they can send you, and you can also find
a lot of these coupons on their websites on a regular basis. You can also sign up for email newsletters from these companies and
they will send you emails on a regular basis with
coupons for their produce. Another way to find coupons is to look in your Sunday newspaper. If you guys get a copy
of your Sunday newspaper you’re gonna find a SmartSource or a RedPlum insert in there. You can open that up and find coupons for frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, even canned fruits and vegetables, and I have even seen coupons for Cuties, which are those little tiny oranges, they’re mandarin oranges that kids love. So look in your Sunday papers. I would also make sure that you guys are checking your weekly ad for whatever grocery store you go to. Certain times throughout
the year they’ll have a fill-a-bag promotion or a
buy-one-get-one-free promotion even on the produce items. You’ll notice that some
stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts Market, they even have their own coupon booklets you can grab as soon as you walk in the store. I would definitely look for those. I believe Whole Foods is
every month that it switches, and Sprouts is the same, so you guys can grab a coupon booklet and
use those at checkout. It’s also a really good idea to check out what coupons are in there so you guys know what coupons to pair with which sales when they happen during that month. That way you can save even more money. Another way to actually get coupons is on the actual product. If you keep your eyes peeled, you’re gonna see actual stickies, or peelie coupons directly on the product that will say, save 50 cents
on this item or whatever. And I’ve seen it on a ton of healthy items including produce, so
keep your eyes peeled because sometimes you’re gonna see a pile of some that don’t have stickers and a pile that do. So have your kids help you if you need it, when you’re shopping say, hey, we’re looking for stickers, or little tags that are hanging on products. If you see any let Mommy know. That will really help you out, and then you can focus
on the important things and your kids can kind
of play a scavenger hunt in the grocery store for those
peelie coupons or those tags. And the very last way that you guys can actually find coupons is in magazines. If you guys get any
magazine subscriptions, which I’ve talked about before in the past and how you can get those for free, a lot of those magazine subscriptions actually come with coupon inserts now. So I’ve seen a lot of
coupons for cleaning products and things like that, but I have also seen coupons for produce and for healthy items, even frozen items. So keep your eyes peeled for coupons when you’re looking in those magazines. Alright, when it comes to healthy foods and those items that are staples
in your healthy food diet, maybe it’s the quinoa, maybe
it is the steel-cut oats, whatever it is that’s healthy in your diet or in your family’s diet. Those are your regular
pantry items or staple items that you’re gonna have to buy
on a regular basis, right? The only way to really save
on these and to be aware is to start writing down your prices. So get a cute little notebook, or put it down in a note
thing in your phone, and actually write down
what prices you are seeing for that same exact item when you go to the store every time. Very quickly you’re going
to notice a base item or base price for that item. Then you can quickly make a spreadsheet that will show you the store, the item, the regular price, the
best price I ever saw, your unit cost, and the month
that you saw the sale price. This helps so much. I know it’s a little bit of work, so if you don’t wanna do this, you’re not ready to do
this or jump the line you don’t have to. But if you do this it
actually will help you know what is a great price for these items that you’re always buying. So if you’re always buying brown rice, or you’re always buying almonds, you’ll know exactly when to stock up and when to buy more of that item. If you’re paying full price for that item every single time you go to the store, then you’re not really saving money. But if you can see, oh hey, almonds are actually on sale this week. I’m gonna buy two bags instead of one because it’s on sale and I have room in my budget to do that. Or you can say, wow, I’m
gonna buy four bags of that because I have room in
my budget to do that. And then you can actually have enough to last you until the next sale happens. And this works really well for
those dry or packages goods. Obviously it wouldn’t work very well for like, the fruits and the vegetables because they’d go bad, but it works really well
for those packaged foods. Alright, another way
that you can save money when you’re trying to
eat healthy on a budget is to grow your own herbs. This might sound like a lot of work, but it totally isn’t, and a lot of these herbs you
can actually grow in your house like, on your windowsill in
front of your kitchen window if you have one of those. They are very inexpensive to make, and the cost from buying
those herbs to growing them is ridiculously different. For example, basil, if you
were to buy it per ounce, it’s about $3.33 per ounce where I live. And if you wanted to grow it,
it’s only 24 cents an ounce. That’s a drastic difference
between buying it versus growing it, and
you can even, again, get your kids involved. Have them help you grow the herbs. Put one of them in charge
of watering them every day, make it their job or their chore to help with the family little garden that you have inside your house. I am not a huge gardener, I
know some other people love it. I hate it, I hate doing it, but something like that I can handle, because it’s inside the house. When you have those herbs, you can actually freeze them. You can put them in little
ice cube trays to freeze. You can put them in baggies to freeze and use them throughout the whole year, so it’s not like you’re
going to be wasting any herbs because you’re
growing them too fast. For those of you who do love to garden, or want to start a garden, planting your own garden
will save you a ton of money. And it saves so much money
versus the grocery store, and again it gets your family
and your kids involved, so it might be more of a life lesson than it is necessarily saving money. But it can easily be a
little bit of both, right? So things that a lot of climates can grow in their gardens without issues are things like lettuce, garlic, tomatoes, winter squash, bell peppers,
peaches or strawberries. We can grow almost all of those where I live here in Utah. These are types of food that
grow basically anywhere, but obviously you wanna
adjust that a little bit depending on if you live
in a more humid climate, or a more dry climate. But think about starting your own garden. And this is the thing, seeds don’t even cost that much money. I have seen seed packets for
25 cents at the Dollar Store. You guys should actually
probably see those right now, or pretty soon if they aren’t there yet. So go to Dollar Tree, grab those. Walmart has them for super cheap too. So you can even find the heirloom seeds that haven’t been processed
or anything like that that are just like,
what do they call them? Are they, like purebred? It’s like a purebred dog, but, it’s like a purebred seed? I don’t know how to
explain that any different. So for those of you who care about that, they have those for super cheap too. It’s a lot cheaper to
grow than it is to buy. However, after all said and done, one of the easiest,
easiest ways to save money when you’re going to the grocery store, especially if you don’t
have a plan in place, is to buy the foods that are in season. Now, I don’t know if you guys have thought about this
concept before or not, but every single produce item is in season or it’s not in season. If something is not in season, then that means that it has to be produced in a greenhouse, or it has to be produced in a different part of the world that can produce that item, and then it has to be shipped. And what happens to prices
when all that happens, the prices get jacked up. And when there is less of something, let’s say grapefruit for example, if there is less grapefruit or less places that are growing grapefruit, what can that farm or that
manufacturing facility do? They can raise the price
of grapefruit, right? Because the stores want it in their stores and they have to pay a higher price which means they have to
charge you more money. Now, if grapefruit is in season, we have tons and tons of different farms and different manufacturers
bringing that grapefruit in from all over the place. And so what happens? There’s a lot of competition, so the price of grapefruit goes down, because the grocers are able
to get better prices on it which means they’re able
to give you better prices. And grocery stores love
when things are in season and they’re able to
promote them in their ads because it makes you come in the store because you see something is on sale. See how it all works? It’s a little bit complicated. It’s more of a marketing thing, which I absolutely love, but it’s great to try to
understand how that all works and I’m hopefully making
it clear enough to you guys so you guys understand how it works too. So, right now it is January
when I’m doing this video. So January is technically still winter. So there are foods in the
wintertime that are in season. And if you go to the
grocery store right now, you are gonna see these
types of food in season, and most of them will be on sale. So, if you’re able to plan
your meals, or your snacks, around these foods that are in season, you’re not gonna drop
or pay an arm and a leg for healthy foods that you guys can eat with your kids or with your families or throw into your family dinners. So just a few ideas of items
that are in season right now. Brussels sprouts, clementines,
dates, grapefruit, kale, mandarin oranges, regular oranges, passion fruit, pear, pomegranate, sweet
potatoes, tangerines, turnips. Those types of things
are in season right now. So you can go to the grocery store, grab those, and plan meals around them. Okay now, this is where the
freebie comes into place. About a year and a half
ago, I created an eBook with some friends of mine,
superhealthykids.com, and we wanted to come up with something that was super helpful for families and for moms in general because it’s so hard to
eat healthy and save money. They are all about eating healthy, and I was all about saving money, and I thought, let’s do something crazy and let’s do it together. Let’s come up with an eBook that will really help people out. So we put together an
eBook that has a list of all the foods that are
in season all year-round, and it also has a list of all the foods that are always in season, and it has recipes for every single season that you can cook with with
those items that are in season. So there are some really
yummy recipes in there that Super Healthy Kids has
come up with for the eBook, things like butternut squash lasagna, barbecue chicken and sweet potatoes, Rotini pasta and chicken, broccoli, orange, and almond stir-fry. There’s a lot of things
that use all those products that are in season right now. So ultimately, your meals are always going to be less expensive. Why am I telling you all this? Because when we sold this
eBook, it went for $9.99. And I thought it’d be
really fun to give away the full eBook, which is 75
pages, full of more information on ways to save in your everyday life, and eating in season, and
ways to save on a budget. I’m gonna give that away to 10,000 of you. Now, we have 100,000 subscribers
right now on YouTube, and I have about 50,000 over on Instagram, so I can give away tons of them. But I would love to give away
10,000 of them to you guys. So if you would like
to grab a copy of this, all you have to do is
click on the link below in my YouTube description, and
then it will let you get one. The only catch is that
you can only get one if you’re a subscriber. I don’t wanna give it
away to a bunch of people who haven’t been
supporting the Melea Show, or aren’t a part of the family, so if you wanna become
a part of the family, subscribe, start watching some videos, that way you can grab the eBook as well. Just click the link below
in the YouTube description, and then it will have you subscribe if you’re not already subscribed, and it will give you the secret link to download that eBook. So you can either keep
a copy on your computer or you can print it out
and have it with you. Before I close out this video, I wanna share a handful of
other money saving tips. A few of them are in the eBook, so if you’re not able to
get a copy of the eBook at least I can give you
a handful of those tips to help you guys out. So one of the tips I wanna share is if you’re not sure if an
item is in season or not, all you need to do is check the very front page of your grocery ad. Items that are on the
front page of a grocery ad are called loss leaders. Those are typically items
that the grocery store is able to mark down significantly in order to entice people
to come into the store. Again, another marketing tactic, right? Right now you’re gonna see that grapefruits are on the
front page of the ad. Why? Because they’re in season,
and they’re priced great. So they’re gonna price
those types of things on the front page. So if you need to find
items that are in season and aren’t sure what those are, check the front page of your weekly ad. So foods that are in
season are things like apples, avocados, bananas, bell peppers, celery, cherry tomatoes, coconut, lettuce, lemons. Things like that are always in season, and you’re gonna see prices go up and down because of what the store wants to do, because remember the
store wants to make money, but you’ll typically always find a store that has those items on sale. So check for those, and you
can always incorporate those in and have those with your meals in order to save money when you’re
trying to eat healthy. So I have a lot of people say, okay, is this really going to save me enough money to make it worth my time? Like, does shopping in season
really make it worth it? The answer is yes, it totally does. Here’s a great example. Strawberries, our family
loves strawberries. When they’re in season, I have found them for as low as 99 cents a pound. When they’re not in season, I’ve seen them for anywhere
from $4-$6 per pound. That’s anywhere from a
400-600 percent markup just on strawberries because
they’re out of season. So how can you get around that? When they’re in season, buy a
bunch of them and freeze them. Then you can use them
throughout the rest of the year. Obviously it takes a little
bit of extra planning, but when you’re trying to eat healthy, or your kids have allergy
issues with foods, or maybe you do, or you’re
just trying to lose weight, or just feel better, because
you feel a lot better when you eat healthy, right? It truly, truly does
make a big difference. Alright, obviously there’s a lot of information in this video. But I hope I gave you guys some ideas on how you can eat healthy on a budget. It is totally doable. I have been eating healthy,
like crazy healthy, since November, beginning of November. Like, no sugar, no sugar substitutes, like really healthy,
clean, kind of like paleo but a little bit more intense
than that to be honest, because I was so tired all the time and it has made a drastic difference. And the only way I’ve been
able to afford to do this or feel comfortable doing this is by buying the produce that’s on sale, by buying the items that are on sale, using coupons when appropriate, or using a coupon app when appropriate, and using some of the tips I
talked about in this video. So I hope it helped you. Again, if you want a copy of that eBook, that’s 75 pages long
and gives you more tips on how to eat healthy
and stay on your budget, then go below into the description. If you’re on your phone, you have to click the little upside down
triangle that’s over here. It’ll pop it open for you,
and you can click on it. Again, it’s only for subscribers, so if you’re not a subscriber you can become one to grab the eBook, or if you don’t wanna become
one that’s totally fine too. But I’m all about helping you guys live the ultimate life for less. That’s what I care about,
and this will help you do it. So whether you just take the
information from the video, or whether you grab the eBook too, I hope it helps you guys out. Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll talk to you later. Bye guys! (upbeat music)

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