10 Pound Seafood Eating Challenge *fishy* at Baja Fish Grill w/ “Raina Is Crazy” | Freak Eating

Baja fish Grill in Ocean City California
serves up all kinds of seafood and is the home of the next eating challenge in
the series of Raina and I. we were served up ten pounds of food reflecting every type
of creature on the menu from shrimp to swordfish served on beds of rice and
french fries we didn’t have a time limit but we knew this would be a big test for
our guts could we handle this ocean of a feast in front of us with no fanfare no
BS and no Stalin it’s time for a freak eating challenge welcome back to another episode of freak
eating thank you to Reyna for inviting me to another one of her food challenge
extravaganzas check out her channel link down below to see more of her food
videos on this day we were dared to eat basically every type of seafood on the
menu of Baja fish grill everything you could think of was represented here
shrimp scallops catfish calamari and tilapia were fried up and served in a
bed of french fries while salmon swordfish mahi-mahi trout and swai were
grilled and served up on a bed of rice it was a seafood lover’s dream even if
it did include a humongous amount of carbs the kitchen staff was extremely
accommodating and let us film the cooking and plating process which was
really generous considering how crowded the kitchen area really was I’ve only
eaten swordfish a few times in my life and if you haven’t eaten it it feels
more like eating a dense cut of steak than actual fish it’s one of my favorite
types of seafood this was my first time eating trout so that was a treat too the
trout didn’t stand out to me but it wasn’t bad either the fried platter was
delicious but honestly kind of a blur since the fry batter became the dominant
taste and texture of that entire serving tray I would have preferred eating all
the fish and shrimp grilled but the restaurant wanted to showcase their
fried options so we went along with it the shrimp were particularly tasty in
fried form while the calamari or squid seemed to take on an unusual amount of
the fried coating at any rate the french fries underneath turned out to be a real
chore because we were already dealing with a lot of food overall there was no
obvious strategy for how to tackle such an enormous quantity of fish rice and
fries Reyna eventually settled in and started to mash up all of her fries and
fried seafood together in the hopes of eliminating it quickly in time I
dispensed with my own plastic silverware and started to use my hands to attack
the fish portions more efficiently but in the beginning I was trying to keep it
neat the rice was tasty but was so much of it I wasn’t looking forward to having
to finish off the entire tray though the grilled fish on top of the rice was
incredible the swordfish was delicious and the salmon was a delight everything
in front of us was cooked incredibly well and from a food prep standpoint as
a customer there was nothing I could complain about now I could complain
about the vast quantity of food in front of us but that’s my fault for choosing
to participate in eating challenges to keep my sense of taste fresh I got
several varieties of drink Coca Cola hi-c lemonade and water were all there
the lemons that came with our platters were not required to be eaten but they
could help cleanse the palate where necessary
rice became my mortal enemy during this challenge well I sometimes struggle with
eating lots of rice this time I was completely overpowered as I was trying
to put down as much of the rice as I could as quickly as I could it all
bunched up in my throat and I found myself suddenly unable to swallow any
more food what happens this thing sticking it
won’t go I guess it will migrate they will come
on take a second to clear some time all right it was particularly painful I waited a
bit lollygagging at the table playing with my food shifting the fish and
rights around on the plate hoping that the massive rice would suddenly pass
when it did not I realized that was in real trouble it wasn’t going anywhere
and my throat was just getting tighter and tighter so I stood up and shook my
body remembering from past experiences this was sometimes get my esophagus to
relax and the food to pass my throat was so tight at this point that if I drank
water or anything else it would have come back up but nothing was happening
so I finally excuse myself to the bathroom so I wouldn’t disgust anybody
watching us and I basically coughed the rice out of my esophagus it wasn’t
Pleasant in some cases competitive eaters will actually cough food stuck in
their esophagus back into their mouths and eat it hoping nobody will notice
sometimes they get disqualified because people think it’s vomit but this time it
was just too far gone I returned to the table and honestly the only reason I
continued was my sense of sportsmanship and competition and to continue to push
Raina as she continued this challenge in any sort of traditional restaurant
challenge I would have been disqualified for what happened but these events with
Raina are different because they’re special events set up with the owners
and in any case we wouldn’t actually pay for the food win or lose it’s more of an
exhibition for two competitive eaters to showcase their odd talents and to make
YouTube videos about the restaurant really so that’s why I chose to continue
there’s no sense of sitting at the table looking stupid with a whole platter of
fish in front of me and that day I also learned a trick from Raina who was
talking to me during the challenge for how to eat rice quickly and that is to
keep hot water or hot tea handy hot liquids help to melt rice it’s bunched
up in your throat and force it down or at least that’s how she explained it to
me and we proceeded to get hot water in cups from the kitchen and the rest of
the challenge was a lot easier for me so no matter how long you’ve done
something you can still learn new things about doing it better of course eating
rice with hot water isn’t something I would have picked up for my family or
experiences growing up on the other hand rayna’s typical diet includes a lot more
rice than mine does and drinking tea or water hot water with your food was more
of a fixture for her now I ate rice growing up for sure but not very often
and there was no expectation that we try to shovel it down quickly and we never
really drank hot beverages with meals usually we just drank cold water most
food challenges also don’t feature rice in isolation usually you have cream or
soup or some kind of sauce that you can use to kind of force it down and it
usually helps me to avoid these sorts of choking incidents I tried using the fish
to force it down but that didn’t work well and the cold beverages weren’t
really helping I needed hot water I learned a pretty big lesson and
hopefully going forward I’m able to avoid any sort of difficulty with eating
lots of rice one two finally got the last bite out of this
vicious race he’s got the prize to be a lot of food a lot of good evening it’s
really good I don’t know how many good exact I want to get rid of right away
cuz I don’t like very much so I don’t want you at the price after the rice
especially those prices yeah yeah always I wish and what some
reason I like to use an active of seafood
I bought this room in Harbor City okay once again it is sponsored rainbows
don’t their app they happy Ward’s three out a lot of goodies on there and thank
you again all the cheering everybody hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed
this fishy video thank you to fish City Grill and Mo’s app for putting this
challenge together as it was a delicious one I’ll see you all in the next video
so until we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak

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