#1 Rice cake soup (Tteokguk) 떡국

happy new year! what did you eat today? first divers, anchovies stir stir, go away fishy smell dripping ing ing ing bubble bubble bubble let’s make the egg garnish while the water boils tap tap tap taaaaap wipe the oil lightly with paper towel divers ‘whites and yolks’ allow to cool rescue the anchovies from the water and put the sliced rice cake sticks we’re afloat! It means we’re cooked another tip here! our shape means ‘coins’, and our color means ‘purity’ add soy sauce or salt, and pepper to taste with dad spoon let’s make the diamonds! ta-da! it’s my first egg garnish. two thumbs up! Garnish the tteokguk wow, it looks so delicious I’m proud of myself yum yum it’s chewy make sure to eat! thank you for watching, and see you soon

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