? Let’s Make Keto BBQ Chicken - Recipes From My Cookbook

? Let’s Make Keto BBQ Chicken – Recipes From My Cookbook

flavor family what is up it is Bobby and my homie art coming at you live on a Wednesday night in Sweet Home Chicago sweet hot sweltering Chicago but you know what that doesn't stop us art and I have had a busy day of filming grocery reviews and all that good stuff we came home or like yo let's pop on to a live stream hang out with our Flav City family and have a good old time so before we get into the Nitty Gritty of what's going on two things number one can you hear me right does the picture look good and number two leave a comment down below let us know where you're watching from you want to hear all the Far regions in the world Philippines Australia New Zealand and more importantly there's been an upgrade in the Flav City productions kitchen art can now talk into the microphone and you can hear him can they hear me that's the question can't you hear art okay Amy I don't talk about myself in third person yeah other than special occasions like right now so alright yeah thumbs up if you can hear art this is great because art has all this pithy commentary there's a lots of crazy stuff going an arts head and I feel like if you don't hear that ya miss out right we got France Guiana is in the house we here are to holla at a playa when you see him in the street high-five everyone Oh Sydney Australia Sydney Australia an amazing city was there in three months ago fantastic the most beautiful harbour in the world we had did a meet-up in Sydney and we did a meet-up in what's the other city Melbourne and it was fantastic so we got a bunch of people here 230 people hanging out on a Wednesday night and Israel's in the house Wow how cool is this right how cool is the entryway I'm right we all press the old play button next thing you know we got people from all over the world right that's fun you guys also fun is this we're gonna make two recipes from the new cookbook keto meal prep by Flav city you guys have been blowing this thing up on Amazon and I thank you and I love you for that over four hundred and ten five star reviews Mad Love so many good sales didn't quite make it to a number one bestseller yet but there's still time the Amazon link down is below even if you're not on keto even if you're not low-carb if you're looking to lose weight and feel good without without sacrificing flavor this is your book because what does it say right there art read that to me 125 low carb recipes that actually taste that's right okay and art actually took this photo on the cover there's too many health food recipes out there low carb weight loss whole 30 whatever that have no flavor no one wants to diet and feel like they're sacrificing when you buy this book for $22.50 you get 125 recipes each one has a photo which is great each one has detailed macros and tips and it tells you if there's a video on YouTube I mean look at this this is the food you can eat salmon burgers with secret sauce when you're on keto many of them are paleo many or whole thirty it's because you guys asked for a cookbook I wanted to give you the best one we can possibly do so thank you to everyone who supported the book I'll put the link down below in the description box hey tell a friend about it tell a neighbor anyone looking to lose weight and feel great this is your cookbook guide to doing so simone miranda asks where do you find your interesting shirts at the one you're wearing right now yes this is a slave city original you can click on the there's usually below the video like some products we have this and the mugs but I normally get them from Bad pickle t-shirts so bad pickle tea calm that's where I get all my stuff from Cynthia because of you Bobby my family is eating cleaner and has even lost a few of the winter pounds we got back in 2015 that's what I love to hear when families lose weight when spouses lose weight these recipes are kid-approved how many moms or dads have said man you my kids love your recipes they don't even know they're eating cauliflower rice pilaf or cauliflower tater tots or low-carb this they don't know you know why they don't care because it tastes good baby all right here's what we're cooking tonight we're doing a combination of two recipes in the cookbook see there 125 recipes you can flip and switch so here's number one Arturo we're making this chicken this is my crispiest chicken thigh recipe ever painted with Alabama white barbecue chicken little spice crust insanely hot cast-iron pan hot oven tangy creamy dairy free barbecue sauce we're gonna serve that artery on with my creamy pretty much dairy-free creamed spinach with mushrooms and bacon in the book this is served with fennel spiced chicken breast bathed in butter and garlic but hey I can do whatever I want you know why cuz I'm the boss and me ain't no one gonna tell me what to do so let's get started my friends keep leaving comments down below let us know where you're watching from and maybe more importantly art what should I do with the link right above my head right should share that and how should they do that on social media Facebook Instagram snapchat editor Twitter anywhere you want you say yo magnet in here if you want to okay I know this guy named Flav city he's gonna hook you up hey you say Flav sitting at art are cooking up a Quito storm on YouTube if you're gonna miss out you're gonna feel like ya really missed out okay hold this for a second for extreme closeup so that's what we're gonna do and I got the oven preheating at 475 I started the makin back there in the pan because it was about 8 to 10 minutes to crisp up the bacon I feel like you guys didn't have to wait that long and they got that nice aroma of bacon in the kitchen and I really like that I just want to hear myself talk as a test so I could somebody said it sounds like I have a cold I don't artist artists the audio we don't call art the finish hoarse for no reason he doesn't get sick what is that right right because you're strong and healthy as a horse that's why right okay art has finished heritage he may be fair-skinned like me and burn very easily but he doesn't get sick less talking more cooking let's do it family so back here that's right finish citizen – but he was born here yes right five organic super high quality bone on skin on chicken thighs trivia number one for the night I stored these in the get fridge for about four hours before cooking these can someone tell me why I did that open xposed out of the package someone tell me why and then I'm gonna make a spice rub this recipe is like so simple but it really consists of a hot cast-iron pan which I'm going to start preheating now and a hot oven and the most crackling crispy skin next to deep-frying right obviously deep fry is the bomb this gets right up there and it's way healthier it's delicious yeah I'm gonna emphasize something Mickey just said now canned food is for all not only those on keto I am NOT following the keto diet well-said like every single thing I've eaten here when we've been doing keto demos Thank You art thank you and y'all got it right right Daisy got it Adrianna got it Jason dry out the skin the skin right moisture water is the enemy to making crispy skin so if I had wet floppy skin from the package how is it gonna stay a nice crispy in the pan it's not it's gonna get wet and boil so what I want to do is just make a quick little spice rub in the book it calls for smoked paprika and cayenne pepper because our sweet little baby Rose is breastfeeding I want to lay off a spicy foods cuz I don't want her to be getting like a spice attack cuz she got it last week I made spicy ground beef tacos and spicy wings two nights in a row and she was gassy and colicky like nobody's beeswax so I'm gonna make a light spice rub here check it out art a little paprika and a little bit of turmeric what kind of pepper ek am i using art I'm gonna get a smoked you're right because if you put your nose in there um Shanna or Kim yes you'd smell that smoky flavor and what's really interesting smoked paprika and turmeric best friends because turmeric is a little smoky and peppery this is smoky and peppery match made in heaven yeah to Sandro and to everyone who said more volume on art this is good as we can do I'm gonna be a little softer than Bobby just do two different mics but hey at least I am like this that's right Art's doing the library voice I don't have a library voice okay so I'm gonna do a light spice rub here but once again I'm holding off on the salting because I don't want it to leach water out of this in until right before it goes in the pan so ideally I would let this sit for 20 minutes but what I did y'all is I pulled this from the fridge 20 minutes ago because a why don't I put cold chicken into a hot pan what happens when I do that things mess you up you don't wanna you don't want to see what happens I do that I'm just gonna rub that around and put it there and wash my paws and art tell me what some people are saying some people are giving a thumbs up with jazz hands so that's always good nice Kim Steele says that it cools down the pan which is true it cooks unevenly yellow and put Kowski sorry I pronounced touch husky the best ever that's absolutely uneven cooking so all those things right cold meat crispy okay wait Christy do crispy yes be crispy the great crispy 11b no hot pan cold chicken temperature goes down we don't get a nice crispy skin also it's gonna lower the temperature so it's gonna end up boiling in its own juices hot pan warm chicken or you know room-temperature chicken you can leave this chicken out for an hour ain't nothing gonna happen the food police ain't gonna come here and say yo your chickens got microbes on there I'm salmonella if anything happened to grow in an hour my jet engine cast-iron pan would goes and bust that like nobody's business okay now art check out what's in this pan what you go I got some bacon and I got some cremini mushrooms hook that down before we started because it takes a little bit of time and it's not that exciting that's the base art for our creamed spinach now we're gonna pop that back over the heat so I love this recipe because it's a click a take on classic creamed spinach but it's essentially dairy-free and nobody ever knows they're not like what you use coconut milk I can't taste that first planks then sticks fingers back the whole time and we get a nice dice on the red onion you only use about half a red onion because they are slightly higher in carbs so I don't want to use too much of it but I gave everything else a head start because I was trying to caramelize the mushrooms and I can't do that when there's a bunch of water in the pan from the onions and I held off on the salt tooth so now that the mushrooms and the bacon is all happy back here I can add my onions and I can add some salt Patricia this is a shoe knife that's the choice that's right Japanese it's great so it's un sure it's right I have two kinds of knives in the kitchen I have expensive knives well keep in mind the kitchen is my playground so I like expensive toys here I don't care about it fancy cars and stuff like that so I have two kinds of nice Patricia I have this is like a this is expensive this one's about two hundred and fifty dollar knife but I also have a couple other ones this is like a two hundred dollar knife from shewn this is called the Hikari it's a Japanese hornets nest pattern they're really really nice but then I always tell people I give an option on Amazon for like it's literally an eight dollar knife it's not quite this one it's called Equinox I will give you the link if you want it it's I mean not quite as good but it's really good the most important thing is you have two knives in the kitchen you have a paring knife and a chef's knife you will do 95% of the work with these two a sharp knife is a good knife you don't have to get a whole set and stuff like that just get two decent knives okay else out there remember tenacious d singing a song called hornets nest on Saturday Night Live on the weekend update' one time I just started laughing this is it you know what while it is YouTube so there might be one person but walking over there or stay here stay over there I'm not nothing too exciting is happening here um so let's think we wrap we got our chicken marinating our creamed spinach going we have to start preheating our cast-iron pan to get our chicken and so what I'm gonna do is actually swap burners here the own life is a dangerous life it is true I would say 80% of home cooks kitchens that I walk into having dull knives and why is that dangerous because a dull knife means you put more pressure down here our pressure means are more likely to slice off the old finger with a little accident there the next thing you know you're called four finger McGee no one wants to be called that all because you didn't follow the bobbies advice and get a nice knife or even a dollar knife that was sharp okay every I don't know three to four months go to the local sharpening place have it sharpened I don't do that with this one I sent into the factory in Washington because I don't trust the guys to sharpen the Japanese steel they do it for me it's like five dollars in Oregon oh yeah Oregon thank you too a lot oh my god how do you know that I'm good art is really good he knows so much about so little and then so little about so much thank you for that be very accurate I just came up with that because art hasn't seen so many like popular movies TV shows but he knows so much about so many things no one else knows about it's crazy oh he tell you something else oh sweet New Zealand very cool around the world got some great all around the world people catchers crumble for me New Zealand grass-fed lamb grass-fed beef grass-fed cheese so let me tell you where art and I did today super busy day we went to Costco we did a summer haul video there all the things you want to buy and avoid for summertime drinks desserts beef hydration stuff like that then we went to the other store Mariano's and we did a cheese review we told you all the kind of cheeses at the grocery store you want to buy avoid what to look for and what the difference is between goat cow sheep even dairy-free cheese's cream cheese everything it's gonna be an epic video coming out Sunday Costco Saturday we're rolling baby you can't stop art and I there's no stopping us now this is epically helpful Tommy Steele tells us the phonetic pronunciation to wallet and Oregon Oh Duke it thank you Kevin you can't I appreciate that's pretty cool okay so we're cooking our chicken at pretty high temperatures you tell me our by using avocado oil or am I using olive oil for this so in case you missed us we're making two recipes from the cookbook we're gonna make the skin of this chicken look like this you've never had crispy skin like this right it's gonna get earth-shatteringly Cheech out or on there like crispy then you paint it that's not Sherwin Williams paint that's Bobby Williams southern Alabama Hawaa – barbecue sauce why is it white there's a famous pitmaster back in the day who came up with a mayonnaise-based horseradish and vinegar barbecue slat is fantastic and I was in the previous picture ah someone's feeding me my lunch not cute right and we're pairing it with the dairy-free creamed spinach that normally is served with the butter basted chicken and normally in the cookbook the keto beans are served with our the keto chicken is served with keto black beans I don't recommend eating soy very often these are low carb black soy beans with a bacon and spinach dressing oh my god it's so good you guys it's like southern done proper yes I will move the raw chickens from I will move that for you hey what did you all say about my trivia avocado oil Kim says ah though jason says olive oil for the higher heat Jason my man I'm gonna pick on you it's the reverse right mad love – Jason right we all love Jason but olive oil has a slightly lower temperature 375 to 400 versus avocado oil which can go up to 500 degrees 450 for some brands so I want that + JJ the olive oil has a flavor a fruity flavor I don't want that for my marble q recipe which is why I want the neutral flavored avocado oil.i Porter Rico yo quiero comer mofongo a mofongo este pleito the plantains estas fundamentals he said boy I like Osteen uh-oh I want to try my fungo so bad um what else did I want to say time to season the chicken right so now I will throw a little bit of this unrefined kosher salt meaning it's not processed you guys know I don't use processed salt this is raw with 70 minerals in here if you use kosher salt that's a hundred percent of white that means it's been processed bleached and refined nutrition's been taken away and has been chemically bleached no bueno alright now the most important thing art is to make sure that my oils hot we talked about it last week we are tell everyone the advantages and maybe disadvantage of the using cast iron pan cast iron is not a good conductor of heat once you get it hot it hold on to the heat pretty darn well and so all set you want to see your something good cast iron can be your friend just give it time and I've even seen some recipes suggest preheating it in the oven for yeah well what video did we do that for I think we did that for one of these steaks let's take videos yeah steaks and a stake upon that was a crazy day but all right nailed it right it's a little slow like me in school back in the day I say but once it gets going runaway locomotive right nothing Sears chicken meat and holds it retains it heat like cast iron where's this guy sure it heats up quickly but it's a little more uneven and as soon as I turn the heat off all the heat dissipates from tech on the bed cuz Selena just asked does cast iron pass on any nutrients so you do get a little bit of iron and you do it if you use cap stock yeah that's a nice advantage to it just don't cook acidic foods in it like tomatoes I'd have a spammer if there's a moderator here eject the spammers like nobody's business and we got 600 people really cool but take this link right above my head for the youth for the live stream paste it to your Instagram wall your Instagram story your Facebook wall tell people Bobby and art are hanging out making cuter recipes from his cookbook which by the way the Amazon link is down below and you don't want to miss it okay so our come over here now I feel like my oil is hot because see what's happening here the Dead Sea is parting here's the oil and I wait a second and all of a sudden there's a little parting there and can you see the wisps of smoke art they're there trust me but here's another test you can take food out of the pan if it's not hot so if I were go like this and it wasn't a sizzling big deal just take it out but listen that's what you want so we're gonna put five chicken in here yes you can use cast iron on an electric stove somebody just ask yes indeed I think the only one you can't use it on is maybe glass because it scratches yeah yeah maybe induction doesn't work once it's in the pan push it down just for a second and then let me wash my hands we get anybody have an induction cooktop and can you use cast iron I'm gonna guess no but I don't know that yeah let us know I don't have induction I always recommend going on Amazon on my shop and getting a portable gas burner and using that for cast iron that's what we use for our cooking videos that's really easy so salt the other side you can interesting but there is one where it doesn't work it's got to be glass or something so a little bit now guard old because this one's been around since stages right we slap it down this is really important because we're gonna cook it eight minutes skin side down then we transfer to our 475 degree oven yeah piping hot skin side down in the pan for what is it five minutes then we flip it three minutes it's super quick but it happens really really delicious and fast and the oil splatters a lot so if you don't have a splatter guard cleanup city here cleanup city in there not my kind of party right so save yourself a lot of work it's ten dollars on Amazon I'll have the link in most of my videos or if you go to flava city calm no go to amazon.com slash shop slash Flav City and it's there okay so everything's getting pretty cooked down here for my creamed spinach alright come over here this is two pounds of frozen creamed spinach why do I use frozen it's just much easier to work with it's organic the most important part is squeezing out all of that water because that'll SOG down my creamed spinach the only bad part about this is that it's cold and I always freeze my hand off doing this like two pounds of fresh spinach at the market Organic would be like ten dollars two bags of this was like four dollars and it's just easier to work with because we're making wilted soft creamed spinach anyway so oh my god my hands cold let's go over here art oh my god so cold thank you to everybody that confirmed that you can use oh really interesting cuz I could have swore there was one there was one that just you couldn't use it with but maybe you can use it with glass but it just Leslie just said just need to be careful moving okay yeah well that wouldn't work for me Leslie because I'm not careful with anything and I would scratch it up like nobody's business I'm gonna refresh this because mine kind of stopped there first time okay there we go so there's a surprising amount of water in this I mean have you ever cooked spinach you like start off with a bunch of this big and end up with that it's all water that's why oh my god frost buy it ah this sounds like 92 degrees out and I'm freezing in here okay so it's pretty good now I'm going to take my spinach here add that here now here's where things get interesting first I have to season that right now cuz that's a big ol and pile of spinach right yeah zero flavor so let's add a nice big pinch of unrefined kosher salt and some some pepper and then we'll talk about the cream the dairy-free cream it's something when I first came up with the recipe I was heading nervous about but when I tasted it it was gold okay yeah they're everything but the bagel seasoning is from trader Joe but then Costco has something similar yeah rosco pretty much have the same a huge thing how'd that come up ma'am but I wouldn't get it because they use a very low quality smoked salmon and that will be in another video that are not going to film soon called 10 things to stay away from from Trader Joe's I just don't know how we're gonna fill new Trader Joe's oh that's a Costco Oh Trader Joe's 10 things to stay away from I just don't know how we're gonna film it because you can't film in Trader Joe's oh yeah I didn't have a mind stop and i refresh the stream so you might have to refresh it yeah all right yeah Australia Mouse so check it out things are getting pretty good over here art the thing is don't disturb the chicken that's it trick and do its thing if you start poking and prodding now the skins gonna break its ear and you're gonna ruin it so let's come back over here and talk about the the dairy-free part of this it's like 99 percent dairy free because optional I do put a little bit of Parmesan or pecorino romano in at the end and here's the deal this recipe actually is a hundred percent paleo and whole 30 but because I put the the cheese in there I didn't put the designation so in the book we always have these icons here this recipe for the creamed spinach with the chicken is a meal prep nut free and egg free and then it tells you right here the macros per chicken breast the macros per serving a spinach we're talking about 1.3 1 grams of net carbs but here's what's cool if you find a recipe like this I tell you the designation that this one's whole 30 and this one's paleo and it's so easy to take recipes that aren't and just get rid of like the parmesan in this recipe and it will do same thing with the white barbecue sauce everything is except the beans so the chicken part with the sauce is keto paleo and whole 30 approved so super super gonna remember every recipe has photos this is creamy mushroom chicken and broccoli Calvi mash this is low carb cheesy pita breads we roasted toasted chicken curry this is chicken saltimbocca with garlicky roasted mash this one here is my favorite you guys know by now this is my favorite which one of that art yep and we have a whole chapter of breakfast here this is called wakey wakey eggs and Bakey sausage McMuffin sandwich mini meatball scramble with poached eggs sausage and veggie for Tata Starbucks ooh the egg bites Israeli or middle-eastern Scheck shuka so we have a ton of recipes that are gonna hook you guys up in there if you want to answer two questions on one shot yes do it to me there was a question the entire cookbook is gluten-free and keto boom you guys set me up perfectly for that one right there's not one drop of gluten or refined flours in here at all yeah that's right it ain't no good a lot in here and they're all keto and many of them are whole thirty and paleo too so thank you very much let's see here that's what these spammers man oh no way um so what's gonna make this dairy-free is the fats of using coconut milk and coconut cream and you might be like Bobby that's a really kind of like bold strong sweet flavor I think you're gonna turn that creamed spinach into a pina colada the thing is we have so many savory flavors in the pan mushrooms onions bacon and spinach you can't taste the coconut flavor if you wanted to do an alternative you can get dairy-free cream cheese and a little bit of this this is a pee milk half-and-half don't use the vanilla one use the unsweetened one and you can use that as a dairy-free cream it's unbelievable so you have options right but trust me unless you're allergic to coconuts I would not avoid it how about that unlikely critic just said order the book tonight unlikely critic high five right the books doing great you guys all because of you 410 five-star reviews we've sold thousands of these we didn't make it to the number one bestseller still waiting for Al Roker to call me to make keto recipes but as long as you guys are enjoying it that's all I care about okay let's check the skin and I just want to make sure how long it goes on the second side for it's gonna go for Oh 10 minutes in the oven now all right so check it out our so we're gonna take the pan do yourself a favor get a big oven mitt like this so you don't burn your wrist we're gonna open my oven keep the splatter guard on like this and then just to give you a peek all mamma together yeah it's getting super super happy there we keep it skin down let a guard on make sure it's on tightly okay whoa I almost had a timer here it starts buffering anytime we go over here I don't know why the routers right there I mean I'm looking fine on my computer yeah okay so ten minutes now skin side down then three minutes if we flip it that skin is gonna be a cheap chowder on a crispy a app so good so ten minutes and then three I'm gonna let this cook through and warm here and then we have to make the white barbecue sauce so this is a really easy recipe you can do it a lot quicker but we're hanging out with family right we're having a good old time and that's all that matters so that's doing its thing let's start talking about the Alabama hot barbecue sauce right it's avocado oil mayonnaise it's stone ground or Dijon mustard it's lemon juice it's apple cider or white vinegar it's prepared horseradish it's garlic and it's what else get my notes here and that's it right super super easy I was supposed to put some garlic in the creamed spinach Emily carosone 3 with a super chop emily cares thank you for that Oh char char is here I know char you can make sure see sharks showers a long time span yeah sure we're gonna make you a moderator when you see a spammer like that there you can get rid of them I am NOT a tell you I have lineage in Croatia which is very close Lithuania and Ukraine so I forgot to put garlic in the creamed spinach so really quick art let's just chop this up if you want to be a moderator and kick these stupid spammers out of it why we're spammers on a cooking livestream who's gonna leave a live stream to go to a porn website that is so gross what's the deal with people okay so just take one clove and get it in here okay good and just put that up now this is once again a white sugar-free dairy-free barbecue sauce that goes so well with the chicken because chicken is gonna be really crispy and fatty and almost like greasy but in a good way this is super creamy and acidic and cuts through that richness like a hot knife through butter right absolutely lovely so even spammers are like yeah I like this food maybe it's all food porn maybe it's like screen shot that's right yeah it's not porn it's food porn bow-chicka-wow-wow okay let me scoop this out of the bottom of the barrel here so every recipe in my cookbook says use avocado oil mayonnaise because if you watched my oil video or condiments video you'll know that most mayonnaises are made with refined canola oil or refine soybean oil those oils are highly toxic highly refined and really really bad for you for many reasons Search Flav City cooking oils you'll watch the video so I only use avocado oil mayonnaise and you can make your own I just happen to be out right now what's up good what an EP Bobby should jar his own barbecue sauce and call it Bobby q sauce dude and E that is a great barbecue Kito barbecue sauce they have to good well we know I have the recipe its killer right powdered absolutely absolute fresh powdered don't matter to me so then we'll take a little bit of here's why I like this stone ground mustard look art it has the yellow and the brown mustard seeds so visually it looks cool and you get a little bit of crunch and as art says about crunch exactly then a little bit of heat we take that prepared horseradish here you can yes there's certain vegan is that are better qualities than other so pick the one that has the least amount of like fillers preservatives and make sure it doesn't have carrageenan we don't want that then we'll take a little bit of lemon juice here you want this on the acidic side so I'll check for seasoning in a little bit and I see I did drop as seed in here thank you then we go in also with apple cider vinegar why because it's two kinds of bit of acid we have the flavor of the lemon and the flavor of the ACV I also want to grate a garlic clove in here too so let's grab my micro planer yeah that's right that's a rich one hey by the way if you live in Chicagoland art doesn't even know this yet but then again we're doing another cookbook party and a cooking demo on August 3rd in Chicago tickets will be available soon every ticket gets a signed copy of the book and there's a VIP ticket where I'm doing a cooking demo for about 30 people before the event starts so look for that make sure to follow me on the fleu City Instagram stories that's usually where I announce everything in addition to the community tab it's gonna be really fun could I do a mix of sour cream and mayo in this to lower the sodium come I yes you can but why is there too much sodium in mayonnaise right I see here 50 milligrams per tablespoon so as long as you buy a low ish sodium mayonnaise you're fine okay you can do whatever you want totally fine let me make sure I hit it all here mayonnaise mustard clove of garlic prepared horseradish white vinegar or apple cider lemon juice salt and pepper now this is the most important part we check for seasoning I want it to be on the acidic side like I said so I'll just check in here whew that is delicious I do want some more heat down my blog you guys that is awesome from the horseradish and it's dunzo right easy it's like no cook no nothing barbecue sauce absolutely perfect every girl 75 Amazons a way to go if you want to get the book or in Chicago yes absolutely so guys once again Amazon link down below if you've already bought the book which a lot of you have thank you maybe you know someone else in your life who needs this book who needs to lose weight we need to lower their diabetes their blood pressure their heart disease these are the kind of recipes that are gonna make you feel better lose weight and do all of those things once again art check it out we put a lot of work into this book that's why every single recipe in this book has a photo I don't understand books that don't have photos I find that the strangest thing Moroccan Turkey kofte golden turmeric sauce roasted low carb root veggies every recipe also has detailed macros look at this macros per serving of kepta macros for the turmeric sauce macros for the veggies each one gives you the dietary guidelines this one is a meal prep nut free dairy-free egg-free and pilla paleo it tells you cooking time tips and if there's a youtube video for each recipe there's not one recipe in here that's lame or easy in terms of like oh here's a roasted sweet potatoes everything in here is super creative then it won't even make you feel like you're dieting that's the most important part because when you're losing weight or on a certain diet you don't want to feel like you're sacrificing and you don't when you have this book Amazon link down below sharing is caring let's get this book in the hands of as many people as possible you guys how much longer until you start selling autographed copies oh yeah that's gonna be I probably said this month so stay tuned it can be very limited maybe fifty copies I'll post once again on Instagram and on the community tab come back here art so the spinach is warm through the garlic is cooked now we take a whole can of coconut milk and we add that don't freak out right this is not gonna turn into but the lime and coconut and you know look it's not gonna be like that so now we add that it starts to get a little more happy right but then we don't stop there right art we don't stop we don't stop can't stop won't stop we take coconut cream let me take my favorite ever can opener look one handed mom I can do it look put it on and then this could be the best thing ever it works or how are the worst if it doesn't work right right sometimes it doesn't work on big cans but it's from a chef in I have a once again if you go to my Amazon shop page amazon.com slash shop slash Flav City that's on there I'm gonna add maybe to start a third of that if you didn't want to use coconuts because you're allergic use dairy-free heavy cream like from peas or cashews and one stick of dairy free cream cheese and we talked about that actually in the review video my favorite dairy-free cream cheese is from kite Hill it's almond based it's were amazing so a little spoiler alert for the cheese video coming this weekend always buy organic dairy organic dairy means the cows weren't fed GMO corn and soy it means they have access to the pasture at least four months of the year so they can eat grass it has higher omega-3s lower omega-6 is the bad ones higher clas which are conjugated linoleic acids which are really good for you and it's good for the environment a farmer for you and for the cow ten minutes is up I hit that on the nail so now Chris just said anymore Costco videos plan Bobby correct yes yeah you're there today this Saturday summer Costco Hall you're right I'll Sunday yeah this Sunday summer Costco Hall what you need from Costco this summer and what you don't need hint you need the key dough collagen peptides you need the grass-fed burgers you don't need the hydration packets there and you don't need the coconut water unless you get the right one I don't want to spoil the video all right come down here now this should look about as sexy as chicken skin can we flip it over that's what I'm talkin that's what you want I mean that's the definition of golden-brown and delicious you guys we put this bag on we've set the timer for three minutes and then just to make sure it's done I'm going to check the temperature with a probe so three minutes so yeah because you know it's funny Chris I was at Costco um Monday doing some shopping I'm like there's some really cool stuff here for the summer told our let's do a haul video so that's gonna come out this weekend with the cheese video well say oh there's a great dressing there now called Oh ding it's made from chickpeas roasted peppers extra virgin olive oil no sugar perfect for the summer time we talked about Oh drinks which Khumbu choose to buy which ones to avoid which coconut water is to buy cold brew coffee bite or don't buy it we talked about sparkling drinks so everything's summer themed it's gonna be covered it's gonna be an epic epic hall induction doesn't work with aluminum pots and pans that that I knew okay I just weren't sure about cast irons and thanks for converting so would it work with this because this is aluminum I believe that would not work with induction oh that's right and then your cast iron is that at 10 or 12 inch although I'm using now is a 13 inch or 13 yeah I always recommend getting at 12 or 13 because you just want to go big when it's that or go home exactly and that's from lodge you go on Amazon I got to put I'm gonna give you the link right now it's literally a $36 cast-iron pan so here cast-iron everyone needs to have a cast-iron pan in their kitchen it's just like it's a must is Costco slowly bringing more plant-based grocery choices in I would say no okay yeah I see that Stephanie no I wouldn't say that also depends where you live if you live in a more urban environment where more people are plant-based but I don't really see any more than normal I don't really see that many in general oh there's this amazing protein bar there in the refrigerator section called I can't remember what it's called but we talked about it in the hall it's the cleanest protein bar I've ever seen everything's organic it was amazing you have a cold coffee I don't bought it literally is eight parts ground coffee to one part cold water you steep it for about 24 hours and it's done you could also put flavors in there like put coconut flakes in there or hazelnut it is infused into the coconut you know it's a good recipe I think Jamie Oliver doe so search Jamie Oliver cold brew coffee and then add stuff like that so good our cocoa nibs and be amazing hey let's check this for seasoning I mean it looks super creamy and nice that it needs to reduce and I have to check for seasoning I can hear and darn tu it needs more salt I need more salt but sometimes it happens sometimes all right guys we got 717 people on the livestream nice we're nearing the end ish so take the link above my head and share it baby sharing is caring put it on your Instagram feed your Instagram story your Facebook wall you say hey Flav city is making keto recipes from the new cookbook look at Flav and his wife deci look at art crushing that photo you want this book in your life okay so this could be done now but the only way to know for sure is to take its temperature we don't want to overcook her under cook our chicken so I'm going to take my digital probe thermometer which you could actually leave in the chicken while it's cooking in the oven and I'm gonna plug it in um you know what I was just talking to deci about that yesterday do they wouldn't make that I'm not even sure they make that to be honest so just put it underneath the skin right in the middle and make sure you don't hit a bone and then are check out the temperature I want it to be yeah see it's it's registering high don't worry about that it's not gonna overcook it stymie yeah that's a 99 Oh sharp sharp a major super fan from Michigan she's been a longtime Flav City supporter we love char thank you so much so that's done right get the thermometer there are thermometers from Amazon it's a polder probe thermometer they're about as old-school as they get let me give you the Amazon link here again is amazing somebody says you know what maybe I'll do that right now thank you very much so probe Joe Baker said that Thank You Michelle all these things that I'm pasting here can be found on my Amazon shop page so Flav's City uh amazon.com slash shop slash slave City you need to have this because it can stay in the oven or on the grill without burning or anything and it's the best way not to overcook your burgers steaks and roasts only whatever okay so I'm gonna take Michelle's advice I wish you guys can feel this skin it's amazing I actually want to take it out of the pan because I don't want it to keep cooking let me wash my if I had to pick one herb to grow the herb I used the most by far is parsley and I'm up from what I understand it actually takes a long time to grow it we tried to do it a while back but I used so much of it so quickly I don't use basil that much you know what I choose rosemary rosemary is a beautiful bush and I think the flavor of rosemary is dynamite so I would choose that in a heartbeat oh yeah look at that skin art give me a little a little food porn of that skin please and then I'm gonna get my nutmeg over here you can cook with it you can bathe with it that's so bright that's right good one art all right nutmeg never have the powdered nutmeg we always grade our own using the micro planer and this has nothing berry or what's a caller I don't think it's a seed like so I'm just gonna do a little bit Thank You Michelle that is a great call a lot of people forget that nutmeg helps savory flavors in such a big way a lot of Italian recipes have it so thank you to that this is getting really happy but there's one more thing I can do to this it's not technically dairy-free when I do this but I take some pecorino romano cheese which I talked about in the cheese review coming out Saturday it's a cheaper cousin to parmesan it's a sheep's milk cheese from Rome and I love it the thing is even if you're lactose intolerant you can eat aged cheese's like this because when cheeses are aged the lactose is eaten away by bacteria so you're not gonna have a problem with this and to me just add such a lovely salty nutty flavor you know what here's the funny thing I don't know if you know the story but I tried out for Food Network Star about eight years ago I made it pretty far and I didn't make it I was devastated so I told des iam let's just start a YouTube channel the rest is history so hey if they want to give me a show now why not we'll do it right I think they actually have a huge need for a health piece show that actually is good but we got YouTube we got the internet but I agree I think we've seen enough chopped reruns and Triple D and beat Bobby Flay is that we need a little variety and I think they need to rerun a particular episode of guy's grocery games like all the time yeah that's right in case you guys don't know thank you sure yeah me dusty and my brother were on the family edition of guy's grocery games like four or five years ago we won this show we beat professional chefs we want $18,000 it was super fun super fun and I was on cutthroat kitchen which I didn't win but that was fun dancing around with Alton Brown's mischievious little things there that was crazy so our while the chickens hot he I think we can paint it like Pablo Picasso right Oh guys look I finally got it I got the ground beef mixer I was talking about it on live streams forever now I can break up my ground beef looks like a mortar it looks crazy right and this side is flexible that's like a spatula but I got it it's from OC's oh I'm super excited to use that super excited yes yeah exactly ah let's paint that chicken butt really quick art let me get a clean spoon here and just check for seasoning again see things are looking really good right right now you don't even know it's Theory free it just looks creamy as can be I just needs to reduce a shade more I'm a guess is it's gonna need more salt but in the form of cheese wowser is my gauss's that's good I'm gonna let it reduce might need its Wang more of cheese but I'll wait in the meantime art while the chickens hot here and the pores are open yes that is a culinary term I want to paint my chicken spammer get out so if I take this right I take my Alabama white barbecue sauce once again a mayo base sauce look at this I paint my chicken right it soaks into that skin without soggy entry aliy this Malcolm you smell better oh when are we gonna get smell-o-vision come on YouTube oh my god tangy barbecue sauce and fatty crispy chicken like that's what dreams are made of right so we're in the homestretch here let me clean up and we'll do some quality control and then we'll eat I was hoping the baby would come so you can just can say hi to her baby is that an old paintbrush no that's a pastry brush is the bait is the baby coming or no babe no this is a pastry brush look at that there is a Sherwin there's the sherwin-williams and a home depot very very close I'm okay Thank You Annie P you are now moderator it's top of the moderator okay hey Ben bring that baby over here just about done let me see what plate I'll use my fancy plate here let's chop a little bit of parsley we could see that baby yeah you got to see the body meat she's been really really aggravated the last couple days because she's constipated she hasn't pooped in like a day and a half now I don't know what she ate I mean my the food has not been spicy but she's been an angry little girl which I don't like right what's with the suede this that's up to wipe my hands Tommy let's just chop a little bit of parsley for garnish I can hear a crime back there the Gatto who've been trying to massage her stomach and give her bicycles to work out those gas bubbles nothing's working that's crazy last night was so somebody thought that was too much information no it's a baby come on yeah I'm not talking about myself let's just chop a little bit of parsley and then let's plate the dish what happened okay so a couple pieces of chicken down here good then I'll take my sauce or my spinach here it can produce another five minutes but I can't wait any more put that right there with the mushrooms the bacon onions and garlic absolutely delish I'm gonna keep it on the flame so it keeps reducing a little bit of parsley here a little bit more of my sauce just like that and your guys two recipes from the cookbook Alabama crispy white barbecue chicken and dairy free pretty much dairy-free cream spinach you give this to anyone they're gonna mop it up like nobody's business they're not gonna know it's Kido they're not gonna care it's Kido they're just gonna think it's really two really tasty food and that's all they care about all right so let me bite into this chicken here and then arts got to try it too and then I'll see if I can grab a rose really quick so let me turn the oven off – we don't need any more heat it's a 92 degrees out char is it pretty hot in Florida and Michigan because it's crazy hot right now in Chicago so we take this I mean look at the chicken arm juiciest can be take a little more sauce I like it as a powder that's chicken you guys gone are the days of bland overcooked chicken soggy skin that chicken I was like something might wait in lime and a barbecue smokehouse for for 2 hours it is so juicy the skin is crispy and flavorful it's a like wow Annie is correct yes I want to see how hearts flutter across here I want to see the likes go from 175 to 220 and I want to see you share this video because people need this kind of food in their life no if you think this is like a one-off 125 more recipes just like this in the cookbook there ain't no little silly recipes like for a cheese board or roasted this how do what whatever no they're mostly meal prep recipes that are super super creative easy and fun to make but you don't feel like you're dieting that's the most important part we even have a whole chapter about vegetables called mama told you to eat your veggies this is not veggies this is instant pot pulled pork sliders then with the Red Lobster and cheddar biscuits and red cabbage crunch slop all those are amazing Oh guys crazy but if I go to the chapter about veggies mama said eat your veggies there's some really really cool stuff here there's scared I got crusty cauliflower steaks within the same green beans those are spice crusted reverse seared cauliflower steaks with a tzatziki kind of sauce and creamy blistered green beans the whole thing actually is vegan if you use vegan yogurt there Hagen deci chopping some kale there that cutie this is Desi's lemon and spinach like I've got all do soup this is my lunch kale salad that I eat almost every day that's buttery roasted cauliflower or mash for Thanksgiving cold Bulgarian yogurt soup and that's it you guys so the amazon link down is below so many of you guys have supported the book but so many more people need this book in their life because they don't know these kind of recipes exist when you're on a diet okay it's that simple yum so I repeat your question because I missed it see it was that JJ's Amma said art please ask my question Bobby but I didn't see it again thank you Amy she loved the cookbook unlikely critics says I'm salivating stop ah let's see here yes sign copies will be soon just stay tuned to Flav City Instagram story's the Trader Joe's coconut milk for me sometimes it's solid or it's really runny and chunky separated is there a way to salvage it because it tastes and looks awful so Trader Joe's is the best because it's organic and has no fillers or emulsifiers if that happens you put it in a pot and just bring it to temperature until it melts and kind of homogenizes back together um if you keep it at room temperature and heat like this it's fine the one I open right now was completely creamy but when it gets cold it does that totally fine just heat it up not a problem Jessica see anything but life that's right that's right you know it I let's see here thank you Amy I appreciate that how do you how do you end up having to thick cutting boards because we do a lot of work in here right this one is a double thick cherry wood 18 by 24 cutting board and this one is bamboo the reason why I have two is because we're always chopping and prepping in here art and I are always cooking up something but more importantly look at the real estate here are there's a ton of real estate because you don't want to be chasing things off the cutting board you want to have a big 18 by 24 surface leave amazon.com slash shop slash slave City has this in all of my favorite products I have to update that even more and so that's it let me I want art to try it and then I want to see if Rose wants to come out but um which one should we do first here art you try it I'm gonna hold the camera for you you stay there I'll hold again remember I got you're sure okay fork art needs a fork hello from Arizona you know cutting boards great you need it this is better than food networks as Jessica I agree computing that works a little more in these days Jessica I don't know thank you very much I appreciate that so Art's gonna cut into that I can hear the baby crying so I'm not sure it's gonna happen but I'll check for y'all arts getting the perfect piece there hmm oh really nice I love that delicious folks thank you so that's a good combination isn't it and even though it's not together in the cookbook you can pair the two recipes because that's what the cookbooks about in the book the creamed spinach is paired with fennel spice chicken right but because they mix and match so well I've substituted that with the keto barbecue chicken the pan I used alright let's go show the two pans here are tell us about the cast iron pan this is the 13 inch shank entire cast iron skillet right hefty got a great value by $39 really well right and this is a 12-inch nonstick pan from Amazon aluminum yep super fan yeah reliable it's safe right it's a safe nonstick coating don't use anything sharp always use a wooden or silicone I always have at least one of these usually two one large one one small one for eggs and I probably have about seven cast iron pans because I love them and you typically don't want to heat these on high heat yes yes you never want to go above medium-high ish cat says a book is so worth it the price has to be price have them a photo each it's a great deal thank you so much I appreciate it all right let me see really quick if rose honey wants to make an appearance and then we'll sign off because I have to feed baby mama let me check really quick all right so of the baby I'll see if there's any questions I can answer while we're waiting for Bobby to come back here where's this girl Oh Donny come on here well Rose we've had recipes check out the gonna come up with Donny spammer we put them in a timeout wait a sec everyone here she is Oh come over here we switch cameras Rose is here Wow everyone say hi to Donny come over here Donny this is Jesse's mom from Bulgaria she's been a lot of help lately she's taking care of Rose with us and this is sweet rose honey she's gaining honestly you guys like seven ounces since you saw her last look at those beautiful chubby cheeks right and she's so healthy eating like a champ let's get rid of some like serious ha ha that's right all right so Donny lives in Bulgaria she's helping out she'll be here for a while she's been invaluable and she loves rose and Rose loves her right so we could be and rose yeah look at these eyes are come here these eyes are just so precious they're getting bigger and more blue by the day and her cheeks are getting more chubby by the day yeah they're right now she's just so darn cute we love her and once she gets you know that constipation away she'll be even happier because we don't want to hear you cry sweetie right she's a a month and about one week right now I was told that come the two month mark she's gonna sleep through the night so hopefully but she's just so darn cute mommy and daddy love her so much and grandma loves you too and that's it you guys so awesome time hanging out with you guys this weekend once again Saturday the Costco summer haul Sunday the cheese review video all about the cheese's in the grocery store next week we'll do another live stream make sure to get the cookbook Donnie loves the cookbook of a Devoy gonna get that huh very beautiful very very nice Donnie says on Amazon link is down below you guys share this with people who need this in their life in Bulgaria they have it they love it art and I had a great time Rose had a great time seeing you because she loves you as much as me but we will all see you very soon until then hashtag keep on cooking mad love from my family to yours peace are you ready for dinner sweetie first mommy's gonna get some chicken

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