🇯🇵Tempura Rice Bowl and Soba, Good and Cheap Restaurant “Tenya:てんや” in Japan #225

🇯🇵Tempura Rice Bowl and Soba, Good and Cheap Restaurant “Tenya:てんや” in Japan #225

so those are the menus they have “Oishi”, I’m loving it hey guys welcome to Rions TV
I am Rion, “Seeeno” Gaoooo! So today I wanna introduce really good and
cheap Tempura as you guys know there are many good Tempura restaurant but it
I want to introduce what usually locals eat because I’m a Osaka local so in
this video I want to introduce a really good and cheap temperature chain restaurant
called “Tenya” there are many fancy Tempura restaurants but this is what
usually locals eat, alright so anyway let me introduce how to get there right now
I’m at Namba station from here it’s really close so let’s get there let me
explain how to go to the restaurant from Osaka matro Namba station North East
exit after you go out from the exit you just need to go straight but there
are two street so make sure go on the right side one then just keep walking
the straight, you will see several souvenir stores and convenience stores when you see the stairs just keep
straight and then turn left here if you turn right
your exit will be the way to go to the Dotonbori food street if you see the sign of
exit number 25 you are on the right track those stairs are really slippery in the
raining a so if you are with children definitely you should be careful all right here we go
so this is really good and cheap tempura restaurant called Tenya, yeah
I’m starving so let’s get the food let’s get inside I am inside the restaurant right
now so those are the menu they have as you see you can choose from a lot of Tendon
they have Tendon and soba you can choose either tendon only or set menus
also they have a Teishoku style which comes with rice and miso soup with other
side dishes if you just want to have snack they have beer set you can have
beer with 4 kinds of Tempura the price is only 650 Japanese yen if you
ask for it you can change beer to sake as well the best thing about this
restaurant you can add your favorite Tempura for any food menus price is from
70 Japanese yen to 220 Japanese yen you can make your dream tempura for yourself alright so today I’m gonna order the regular Tendon with Soba set, if
you only order the regular Tendon the price is only 540 Japanese yen which I
think it’s pretty cheap Tendon with Soba price is 790 which I still it’s pretty
cheap okay so let me order it I’m so excited to eat
so in this restaurant you can choose either hot tea or cold tea all right so here we go we got Tendon
with Soba looks so good right so let me explain what’s inside here all right so let’s eat “Itadakimasu”
first let’s try Soba, so this is how you eat place green onion and wasabi
into the soba dipping sauce and mix it Soba quantity is not the match but
still I think it’s pretty good amount because we have Tendon too let’s try
Tendon, so this is how I like to eat there is a “Tendon no Tare” which is a tempura
sauce you can use it as much as you want and then I like the strong taste so I
use “Tendon no Tare” more so let me try with shrimp “Oishi” I’m loving it ! and there is a
miso soup too Tempura bowl with miso soup always good and this is my favorite Tempura squid and this is the whitefish and this is what happens usually there
is rice left so you can find Tsukemono on the side of the table and
use the Tempura sauce it looks good right for me this is good enough I love to eat white rice with Tempura sauce with this pickles it’s better all right so let’s take off speaking of this restaurant it’s located
in really convenient place near Dotonbori even next to the busy street there are
seats in the first and the second floor so usually you can find the seats phew,
I’m so full as you guys know tendon can be really expensive but in this place you
can have Tendon, Soba and the Miso soup and the price is only 790 Japanese yen
which I think it’s pretty cheap of course there are many other good Tendon
restaurants too don’t worry about it I’m gonna introduce it in the future
videos but yes this is what usually local people eat alright so this video
pretty much that’s it please subscribe to my channels and please check my
Instagram and Twitter so see you in the next video
arigato for watching my videos bye bye

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  2. Rion the lion, Prawn Tempura looks so tasty.Actualy, at here we have many kind seafood of tempura etc. Prawn, squid,chicken, fish and variety add with cheese tempura…taste so delicous🐙🐟😊.Enjoy your dinner and have a sweets dream tonight😉.

  3. Amazingly, the first time I ate at Tenya Tendon was right here in Indonesia, one of their Jakarta branches. The prices are actually cheaper than in Japan, but the quality may be a little lower too.
    To be honest, we almost have too many Japanese franchise restaurants here in Indonesia. Gindaco, Pepper Lunch, Ippudo, Genki Sushi, Osaka Ohsho, Yoshinoya, Hanamaru Udon, Marugame Udon (sorry I don't remember what name they use for this one in Japan), we have at least one branch in Jakarta alone. Too bad when it comes to the best stuff, like Ichiran and Kushikatsu Daruma, I still have to visit Japan, at least for now.
    Thanks for this video, Rion. Really made my dinner tasted a bit more oishi. 😀

  4. Hi rion I just found your channel and I love it !
    And by the way do you have recommendation market except kuromon market in osaka? Because its too expensive for me
    *sorry my english is not really good

  5. Hi Rion, I really like watching your videos cause you are more detailed and thorough in giving direction to an eatery place unlike some other vloggers who'd mention the name of the restaurant but NEVER give instructions how to get there by subway. I'm from Canada and a foodie at that. I always find myself getting lost, going to the wrong exit and ending up somewhere not even near where I was going like when I went to Kobe.

    Thanks again Rion. Keep it up.

  6. In Singapore, we either eat rice or noodles only. Never ever eat rice with noodle until I come to Japan (Kinryu ramen). Also never eat bread with noodles before. Yakisoba Pan. Quite an interesting experience.

  7. The price is incredible, especially considering how much food you get! Was the tea included in the price? And were the tsukemono made with daikon?

  8. Hi Rion! Your videos were very useful when I went to Osaka back in November. I will keep watching your videos because I find them very interesting. Thanks!

  9. Nice video 😁 I subscribed to your patreon, I'm glad to support this channel! We are going to Japan after Golden Week this year so maybe we will go to this restaurant! 😁 ありがとう!

  10. I love Tenya! I used to visit this place after work every Wednesday! So good for so cheap! This video is making me hungry, hahah! By the way, Rion, what's your favorite food?

  11. Omg.. one of my fav restaurant in Japan!
    Had it when I was at Tokyo, but I didn't see 1 when I was at Osaka.
    End up enjoying Kushiage instead at Daruma.🤣

  12. hi rion
    another nice video friend
    love watching them with my sister in law and brother on 4k tv
    we have to leave you a comment from iphone

  13. It was really good to see the walk through Namba Station to the exit for Tenya. Watching you eat made me hungry! Good video, Rion, as lways.

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