94 thoughts on “크리스마스❄️ 샤를로트 케이크 만들기 : Christmas Charlotte Cake Recipe | Cooking tree

  1. Would love if you also gave the ingredients measurements in cups too, as most of the online conversions are pretty inaccurate.

  2. 우와~
    진짜 예쁘게도 만드셨어요??
    진짜 제빵 기술 배우고 싶네요??

  3. 헉 !! 저 오늘 생일 인데 기쁘네요 ??크리스마스 분위기와 샤를로트 케이크의 조합이 너무 좋아요? 이번 케이크 넘무 뽀짝하네요?

  4. So.. I was watching this and noticed music and I was thinking “oh, that’s nice, Christmas music! but I thought it was supposed to be ASMR?” Then the music took a weird turn as they started sifting the flour and I scrolled down to see if anyone posted about it, and it was strange no one noticed. I figured it was somehow the wrong song inserted. Turns out, my app glitched and HowToBasic’s ‘How to Properly Decorate a Christmas Tree’ started playing the moment I started this video. Bizarre and slightly recommended https://youtu.be/ZSVE2bv6u94

  5. Oh my!!! I want this sooo bad!!! Even though I have gained 6 lbs (within 2months?) since I started my cooking channel! Eating along while cooking is not a good idea…but how can you not! ????

  6. 썸네일부터 완젼 그림같은 케이크에요ㅠㅠㅠ저도 베이킹 유튜버인데 쿠킹트리님 케이크 너무 잘만드시는듯❤️

  7. I’ve been doing a lab project for six hours and was hella stressed out, but this helped??? Like I’m hella calm now?? ??

  8. 안녕하세요.쿠킹트리님
    케이크가 넘 이뻐서 먹을수나 있을려나?
    아이디어가 어디서 그렇게 나오시는지
    궁금합니다.제누아즈 만드는게 진짜 쉬운
    작업은 아닌데 볼때 마다 감동 또 감동합니다.
    일정한 반죽농도가 매번 저을 놀라게
    하네요. 어디서 살수없는 세사에서 하나
    밖에 없는 케이크
    저도 하나 만들어 주세요.쿠킹트리님께서
    만드신 케이크로 생일 파티한번 해보고 싶
    어요. 늘 좋은 영상 감사합니다.
    그리구 감기조심하세요.전 지금 독한 감기에
    걸려서 힘든 하루하루 보내고 있어요.
    좋은 하루 되세요.

  9. You make everything look so delicious! And the munching sounds make my mouth water- I need this! Thank you for your recipes!

  10. This cake is precious and Devine oh my goodness ? ???. I just love this channel it's my number one channel?? Mrs. Cooking Tree is so precise so clean and gentle with her pastries and patient.
    She's a winner to me all the time in every video?????

  11. 분홍색을 내기 위해서 빵을 굽고 가장자리를 다 잘라내어 분홍색만을 내는 정성이 대단하신 것 같아요!♡♡ 오늘 작품은 겉도 이쁘고 안에도 층층마다 색이 쌓여서 이쁩니다♡♡

  12. I think my favorite thing about these videos is when they use the blender and my brain expects it to be loud but then it's just this quiet soothing whirring ☺️

  13. 오늘도 너무 예쁘고 맛있어보여요❤
    그런데 항상 궁금한게…석류안에 씨가 있는데 저 케이크 먹을땐 한입먹고 씨후두둑 뱉고..한입먹고 씨뱉고…이렇게 묵나용…ㅠㅠㅎㅋㅎㅋ?

  14. Hello! Your channel is amazing~ I fell in love with it at first sight)
    But can I ask you something? Could not include Russian subtitles, as I am from Russia and I will be more comfortable to watch. Thanks in advance and don't get sick! ❤️

  15. 크리스마스가 되면 저 케잌 주문할게요!얼마면 돼져??살게요!그 케잌!!!사랑해요 트리님ㅠㅠ

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