100 thoughts on “当腊味煲仔饭遇上胡椒猪肚鸡你又以为有故事?还是没有!Lap Mei claypot rice | pig maw and chicken soup with pepper Liziqi Channel

  1. بنتي حبيبتي إنت تعبانة كثيرا ووحيدة أين اختكي لتساعدكي ولكنكي قوية وطباخة ماهرة ومدبرة منزل رائعة وذكية اسميتكي ساندريلا الجميلة أنا مشاهدة من الجزائر تحياتي لكي وللجدة مع حبي الكبير واصلي في فن الطبخ فهو بحر كبير و أرى فيكي انكي ستصبحين زوجة و أم رائعة

  2. I am sure she is so kind to her neighbour so far, that made that woman rejected her payment at the very first place for the pork meat.

  3. To some not all vegans: being a vegan is your own choice. So stop judging non-vegans cause they have the right to make their own choices just like you.

  4. I love how she delicately prepare & cook her food before, it makes everything so relaxing..now i noticed that she’s always in a hurry in everything she do,the phasing is a bit fast.Love her still!❤️

  5. 아.. 이거구나.. 인기있는 유투버를 중국생활의 궁핍함을 보였줬다고 중국인들이 욕한다는게 이거구나..

  6. 題名が日本語になってる😳



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  8. hi xin chào chị năm 220 rồi chúc chị sức khỏe dồi dào nhá em thương chị và chúc chị luôn luôn thành công trong cuộc sống ạ

  9. Happy new year and Happy Chinese New Year to come! Wish you and your grandma stay strong, healthy and be with us for many years from now.

  10. I remember my mom teaching me how to make those pork sausages and stuffing them in the intestines 😆 as a kid I was a little grossed out but the outcome is so delicious! I haven’t seen my mom is almost 2 years now and I miss her food so much. I’m thankful for this wonderful video that brought back those memories 🙂

  11. Потрясающая девушка!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))))) Всё ведь умеет! За что не возьмётся – всё у неё ладится)))

  12. I see you on fan page, you should add English subtitles to help foreigners understand how do you make the dishes. Thank for your videos.

  13. Thật mong 1 cuộc sống yên bình gần với thiên nhiên như vậy với những người mình thương yêu ❤️

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