शेजवान नूडल्स  | Schezwan Noodles Recipe | Indian Street Food | MadhurasRecipe

शेजवान नूडल्स | Schezwan Noodles Recipe | Indian Street Food | MadhurasRecipe

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi You will find subscribe and bell shape icon below video that you are watching. Click both icons. Due to this you will receive notification of new recipes that I upload on youtube daily. You can like video. Also you can share your comments, feedback, your recipes in comment box below. Or you can message me recipes. You can share these videos with your friends on whatsapp, facebook, Twitter, pintrest instagram. You can share these links on any social media. We are making schezwan noodles today. We have seen how to make schezwan sauce in previous episode. I have attached it’s link in description box. We are making schezwan noodles today. I have heated pan on high heat. Add 1 tsp sesame oil. Sesame oil gives nice flavour to any chinese recipe. You can use regular oil instead of sesame oil. You can use groundnut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil or refined oil. Don’t use mustard or olive oil. As it has a very strong flavour. When oil is enough hot, add lots of garlic Any chinese recipe is prepared on high heat. Do not lower the flame. Add finely chopped ginger. We will fry this for 30 seconds only. Don’t fry longer. Add carrot after frying ginger, garlic for 30 seconds. Add finely chopped onion. Basically I am adding all veggies. Add sliced green pepper. If you don’t like sliced veggies, then you can use finely chopped veggies. Mix well and fry for maximum a minute. Don’t fry longer. After a minute, add lots of sliced cabbage. Mix well. No need to cook cabbage. We have to maintain the crunch of veggies. They should not turn soft. Let’s add sauces. Add tomato sauce, 1 tsp soya sauce, 1 tbsp schezwan sauce, This is homemade schezwan sauce. Add vinegar, black pepper powder and salt to taste. Mix everything well together. Boil store bought noodles as per packet instructions. Let’s add boiled noodles. Mix with the help of pair of tonges. Due to pair of tonges, noodles get quickly mixed. As spoon can’t hold noodles easily. So use pair of tonges that we use to roast fulka. Noodles are looking just awesome. I have fried these on high heat for about 5-6 minutes. Wow.. We haven’t used any artificial colour in this. Still it has got nice red colour. The colour that generally schezwan noodles have. So it is needed to use bedagi mirachi for schezwan sauce. Add lots of spring onion. You can have these hot schezwan noodles like this. I have shared gobi manchurian recipe earlier. Schezwan noodles and gobi manchurian is a fantastic combination. Using same recipe, instead of noodles use rice and you can make schezwan rice. Thank you very much for watching this recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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  1. Tai tu sangtlelya receipy Varun Kal noodles try kele yummmy zale hote….
    Faktde ambad zale te kashamule..
    Noodles boil kartna mokle vhayla kaay try karave

  2. Madhura mam,mala kahi navin dish banvaychi asel tr mi youtube vr phkt tumchyach dish search karte.khup simple astat.thank u so much

  3. Thanx madhura…. I am always watching ur videos and I making it …. and my family…. members…. are enjoying it…

  4. नूडल्स कसे शिजवून घेतले ते दाखवत नाही

  5. Mla tumchya receive khup avadtat
    Mi tumch vegetable food ch book pn magvla aahe
    Pn tyat chinese food nahi dily😕

  6. aamhi tumachya noodles try kelya aani sarvaani khup aavadine khalle 👩💬Cool💫

  7. Madhura Tai tumchya recipes khup khup Chan astat mala Ani mazya family la khup avdatat mi tumchya recipes tray arat asate tya mazya familila khup avadatat thanks for recipes

  8. Thanks mam mi he noodls mazhya little sister sathi hr Sunday la banvte aani noodles mole to mazhi khupc mathi fan zhali aahe so thanks mam mla noodles shikvlya baddal

  9. सुंदर मार्गदर्शन व्हीडीओ आहे .

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