ЗАРАБОТАТЬ $100,000 ЗА 24 ЧАСА / OZZY FAST FOOD / Young Business Club

ЗАРАБОТАТЬ $100,000 ЗА 24 ЧАСА / OZZY FAST FOOD / Young Business Club

We just opened the door and said “Sir, with our idea you might earn 100 000 dollars in one nights”. He calmly answered
“Take a sit, young men. We will have a talk”. We have just acquired a brand new fryer. As soon as we switched it on half of the district was left without electricity. I have managed to lose 50 dollars just because it fell out of my pocket. “Please, order. What would you like to eat?”. In order to save the situation I started dumping heavily, but ended up with negative profits. Business through mistakes. Hey guys. Have you heard of the mysterious Ukrainian superhero that frees our road from cars with Lithuanian license plates and our forests from deforestation and exportation to EU. So we came to Chernivtsi to learn more about him. Excuse me, sir.
How can I find Ozzy Man? Citizens can talk to Ozzy Man via a red phone booth. Where can I find it? It is right over there. How to find Ozzy Man? Ozzy Man is busy at the moment. He is occupied with saving citizens of Chernyvtsy from starvation. Chernyvtsy is my city, it is our city. Everyone has their own mission here. Heroes protect the citizens while the latter ones keep doing their job. Who am I, If at day I fry potatoes at the kitchen back to back with my fellows and by night I fight injustice in a red funny suit. Finding out purpose is our dream, being useful for people is our calling. We are an Ozzy team and I am the Ozzy Man. Take a look around. The co-founder of the Ozzy fast food restaurant network is driving up to you right now. He will fill you in. Aleksey. What is Ozzy? Ozzy is fast food. ALEKSEY NAZAROV.
Restaurant business owner. 29 years.
4500 visitors a day.
In relations. But we are constantly proving that fast food can be healthy. Right now the network consists of 2 restaurants and we are almost ready to open a new one fully loaded with brand new equipment. How many people does Ozzy serve per day? More or less 3000 people per day. For a city with population of 230 000 people to serve 3000 people per day is a huge number. Chernyvtsy is like Pozniaky station in Kyiv. Hey guys, today we are glad to have here with us the second Co-Founder of the Ozzy fast food restaurant network Dmitrii. DMITRII LUKENCHUK.
Owner of restaurant business. Co-ownerof OZZY FAST FOOD.
network of 3 restaurants Ozzy fast food. 27 years, Married. So about the creation of OZZY. I used to be a driver for different actors and artists. Most of the time such transfers happened at night so as a result there were very few places to have meal at. But the food in those fast food places used to give me heartburns like all the time. It was ridiculous. I am a young man, my stomach should be able to digest metal nails at least. So we knew that this area of industry wasn’t occupied yet and we had to set up a high quality institution. At first we thought about buying a franchise. But there were no franchises that would meet our requirement in quality. Franchising is a very cool thing. Because you basically get an already existing business but for that you will have to pay a certain sum of money back. If you cannot buy experience, then you should earn it. With that being said me and my partner have decided to apply for a job at McDonald’s and KFC. Did you work at McDonald’s or KFC. I worked at KFC. My partner went to McDonald’s. Now you will see a picture of me and my partner in KFC’s and McDonald’s uniforms respectively. What knowledge did you bring with you from McDonald’s to Ozzy? Firstly, being absolutely obsessed with hygiene. What would you with a bottle of water that fell down on the floor? You would probably just pick it up and put back on the table. Nothing happened to the water itself. That’s what I did on my job at McDonald’s as well. Straight after that my manager came to me told me not to do that anymore, took the bottle and threw it away. From that I learned two things. Firstly, the correct attitude to your job and responsibilities. McDonald’s doesn’t sell its franchise to Ukrainian businesses because there is no guarantees that other managers would act the same in such situation. Guys, I came to Chernyvtsy with just one sweater. My friend highly recommended me to check out the Papaya store. Let’s take a closer look at it. Valerii, I am very glad to meet you. I really like your store. Let’s talk about it! VALERII MAKSYMENKO. Fashion retail.
The owner of PAPAYA clothing brand. 5000 client per month.
26 years. Married. Valerii, you a man and you own a clothing store mostly for women. How do these things correlate? Well, long story short – most humans are lazybones and I am not an exception. The easiest/laziest way to earn money is to buy low sell high. I choose clothing industry because I have decent knowledge about it. Can you tell me about PAPAYA strictly in numbers? At the moment we have a network of 6 stores on the West of Ukraine. They are located in Chernyvtsy and Ivano-Frankyvsk. Also we have a powerful online resources which can compete with most actual stores. Tell me you TOP-3 stories that made you stronger. One of the mistakes I made was opening a store on a second floor. Very few clients, small profits. Wasn’t worth it at all. This is where all internet related tasks are performed, where we create new photos, analyze and research new designs. PAPAYA online store is used for shopping in over 300 cities all over Ukraine. For example, this package for Svetlana will be delivered to Cherkasy in a few days. How did you earn your first thousand dollars? I earned it after I opened a store called “Clothing store”. That is not a joke, it was actually called like this. It was a small store near a marketplace. My first profit was 50 dollars. My second profit was 50 dollars again and I have managed to lose it just because it fell out of my pocket. And after the third month I started earning more and more on a steady basis. I earned my first 10 000 dollars of net income when I was 24 years. It was when I opened a store in Ivano-Frankyvsk. This kind of job is not easy at all. If you want you can try it for yourself. Okay, let’s give a go. So, first thing you need to learn are the 10 rules of hygiene. How to wash hands and keep your workplace clean. In here we have fish roll, here are some chicken burgers and there are some French fries. On this paper you can see that a tomato cannot be used after 2 hours. At 8:25 p.m. It will get thrown in the trash. French fries get thrown away if it was not used after 7 minutes. We get rid of these snacks after 5 minutes they aren’t being used. Salary of our employees is set as percentage of turnover. Regular staff worker earn near 6-7 thousand UAH per month. Directors of the restaurants may earn about a thousand of dollars montly. Please, order. What would you like to eat? I would like cheese sticks, ketchup and coca-cola. Here is your order, sir. Have a good day. The first restaurant we opened was about 50 square meters. It was tiny. Even smaller than an actual cafeteria. How much did invest in the first OZZY restaurant? We spent about 100 000 thousand dollars on our first OZZY place. Where did you get that ammount of money? Well, I sold my apartment, I had some savings and borrowed some money from friends. A friends a borrowed money from told me: “Aleksey, I am lending you money just because I have already invested a lot in you” While forecasting you profits you should divide all income and expenditures by 2. Only then you will have a plausible statistics. I knew from the get-go than if I fail at this Ozzy start-up I will have to go back to my parents house. Aleksey, why did you choose this hobby? It is because of my father. He is an experienced hunter. He has got a lot of guns. When I was around 10 years old it was the first time I pulled the trigger the first time. Of course my father helped me to hold the weapon, so all I had to do was aim and shoot. And I got a bullseye on my first try. Since then I knew it was an activity I will enjoy forever. Did Aleksey tell you how we met? Actually, we were competitors when we first met. We both had event companies. Chernyvtsy is a small place, so everyone knows each others and it makes for an intense competition. We first met during negotiations at a business center. While everyone was arguing, having quarrels and things like that we were just communicating like we had no idea we were competitors. At some point we went outside to talk face to face. When we came back we were partners. For these 7 years we have been in partnership with Aleksey we haven’t had a single quarrel. On my opinion, the success we have now could not have happened without the relationship we have with my partner. Dmitrii, what is your favourite personality trait in Aleksey? His absolute positive attitude to everything that has ever happened to us. Aleksey was able to dispel all the hardships we had with a single “It is all going to be okay”. One day we came to a former cigarette store with nothing but walls in it and I asked Aleksey: “Do you think we can even manage to fit everything in here?”. And do you know what did he respond with? “Of course we will. It is going to be okay”. *CUT*. Marry me! *laughter* This third restaurant is our final step in Chernyvtsy. After this we are moving to million-person cities. According to our calculations overall size of the building we started working with was 20 times smaller then the size of our third restaurant. WE have heat here just because managed to had it dragged here from the center of the city. We open on 14 of January. It is a deadline we set for ourselves and promised not to break ever again. How much money did you spend on building of this restaurant so far? We don’t have final number yet, but it is about 600 000 dollars so far. The goal we set for ourselves is to open 100 restaurant across Ukraine. According to this strategy we will have to open 10 new restaurants every year. But it is not how the things work. I understand that we will probably not be able to open all 10 restaurant next year. Maybe 5 next year, then another 5-7 in 2 years. So you have created a decomposition, basically, to understand what you need to do every year. So, what did I learn from 3 successful businessman from Chernyvtsy? Lesson #1: you create yourself by your own actions. I received 3 000 dollars as a gift from my granny. The next day we put them to good use and started creating my own business. Well, I sold my apartment, I had some savings and borrowed some money from friends. Lesson #2: success comes to those who don’t give up. We have heat here just because managed to had it dragged here from the center of the city. One day we were redoing the entrance area. And the major problem we faced that day was a 90 centimeter granite wall we could cut through. The worst we could think of was to blow the whole thing up. Be passionate for what you are doing and only do the things you are passionate about. There three main thing in a restaurant – room, room and room once again. I think about Ozzy when I wake up, I think of it when I go back to sleep, I have Ozzy on my mind even when I am driving my car. Brand name means nothing when you produce bad things. Those of you who want to have a dinner with the owners and founders of Ozzy fast food restaurant clothing store PAPAYA should Subscribe to your channel and leave a comment under this video. Yours sincerely, Andrey Ostapchuk. *CUT*. Wait, that is not the end just end. I almost forgot. New Years is just around the corner. Have you bought the presents for you family yet? Alex, tell me how you came up with an idea to create such business? So as all the kids I used to receive boxes filled with sweets for Christmas or other winter holidays. I used to eat all the most delicious candies immediately and leave the other ones for another time. Aleksey Ronys.
Tourism industry, manufacturing.
Owner of box of sweets production company. Overall turnover 1 814 000 $.
28 years.
Married. So I asked myself? What don’t we just make candy boxes consisting on 100% of only delicious candies? Right now I can honestly say that are candy boxes are the best ones out there and consist of the best and the most delicious candies. Usually, eat all the candies that are in the box a day or two. What did it all start with? Well, some time ago me and my friend decided to get involved in this sphere and did everything by ourselves. We used to pack the gifts at night, deliver them during the day. I remember the time when we didn’t have any boxes for the gifts so we used boxes from TV’s and other equipment instead. We all make mistakes. It is inevitable. Tell us you TOP-3 stories about mistakes that made you stronger. The first mistake and the most common one was to hire people without an actual selection process. I hired a guy, showed him all the production processes, taught him everything. And you now what? After all that he left and started his own company. So the lesson you should learn from this is that the owner of the business should think of their business as a puzzle game. You have to build it in a way that no one except of you could figure it out. What is about the second mistake? When I was 26 I had an order for 15 000 gifts. I was young and foolish back then. Shortly after I accepted that order but because of the dumping I ended up with negative profits. Lesson from that mistake is that you have to evaluate your product wisely. Tell us about the third mistake. Originally we used Microsoft Excel in our day to day work. Then I created a program based on Java script. After that I decided to move on to 1C. But I ordered the program during the peak of the sales season, so I didn’t receive the software in time. Lesson #3 – do thing in time. I have been working with my partners for the last 9 years. I don’t know what about you but I will buy gifts for Christmas from this company. If you want to visit Young Business Club meeting which will be held on 19 January, get to know its members, listen to the speech of co-founder of Nova Poshta Subscribe and leave a comment under this video.

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